Liga MX and LMP suspend games due to violence in Sinaloa

The Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) confirmed that Ovid Guzman Lopezalso known as “El Ratón” and son of the “Chapo” Guzmanwas arrested in sinaloa and transferred to Mexico City, which caused a security crisis and violence in the entity orchestrated by organized crime since the morning of this Thursday, January 5.

Faced with this situation and within Mexican sports, the MX League was the first to issue a statement regarding their commitments scheduled for this weekend within thesinaloense state. On the one hand, and within the first division, the match between Mazatlán and León was officially suspended, which was scheduled to take place on Friday the 6th and will be rescheduled in the following days.

Similarly, in the MX Expansion League The match between Dorados and Correcaminos was also postponed, since this commitment was scheduled for this same Thursday night and the security conditions for the event cannot be guaranteed.

Both commitments were going to be played in sinaloa this weekend. Mazatlan was scheduled to inaugurate the Clausura 2023 in its stadium, as well as golden in culiacanso the arrest of Ovid Guzman and the violence unleashed since this morning has already taken its toll on the programming of Mexican soccer.

The Mexican Pacific Baseball League, also suspended due to violence in Sinaloa

In the same way and with the intention of safeguarding the fans and protagonists, in baseball it also postponed the fourth playoff game between the Hermosillo orange groves and the Mazatlan Deerinside of Mexican Pacific Leaguewhich was also going to be played this Thursday at the Teodoro Mariscal stadium.

LMP statement on the violence in Sinaloa after the capture of Ovidio Guzmán

LMP statement on the violence in Sinaloa after the capture of Ovidio Guzmán

According to the statement issued by the league, the decision was made on the recommendation of the state authorities, also due to the security crisis that exists in sinaloa in the last hours.

These decisions are the result of the inability of the Mexican state to stop the violence that is experienced every day in different entities of the country, for which now was the capture of Ovid Guzman and the conflict with drug trafficking, the problems that prevent peace in Mexico.

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