Liga MX bars adopt symbols of drug violence

The episode from extreme violence that was experienced last Saturday in Queretaro was to be expected for war signs escalation between the mexican soccer bars, According to the professor and researcher of the Faculty of Higher Studies Aragón of the UNAM, Hugo Sanchez Gudinowho has specialized in the study of these groups of fans.

In that sense, explained that all expressions of violence, including the homophobic cry, are part of the same problem, and that the inability of the Mexican Soccer Federation to eradicate it they reflect the lack of adequate measures to, in general, generate an adequate climate around football.

“What happened was just a chronicle of a announced violent act”, He assured in an interview with Mediotiempo.

The investigator said what happened in Abu Dhabi, where baristas from scratched they placed coolers with bloody pictures directors of the albiazul club, as well as the coach Javier AguirreThey are reflection this new age of signs on violence in Mexican soccer.

“The second indicator we looked at was what happened to scratched that started to use blankets to intimidate or threaten to their players, managers and coaches. That second indicator is worrisome because they use blankets like the narco does,” he said.

It begins to play in football what they do posters with their victims. It was a time bomb that could explode at any moment, it was incubating. We warn and comment, but that topic went unnoticed and now that bomb exploded”.

Although it cannot guarantee that the bars have members that at the same time are part of drug cartelsclarified that this cannot be ruled out.

“In this bomb converge two factstwo face groups from cheerleaders and on the other, something that we had already mentioned, show some dyes from being permeated or infiltrators by organized crime groups. No test to document directly because it is a sensitive issue, but yes there are signs of characters that act in these animation groups”.

And it is that for the doctor Hugo Sanchez Gudino little by little animation groups show behaviors before unpublished.

A common cheerleader doesn’t act like that. To these bars since they are created they let them growgive them economic support, lodging, tickets... They are little monsters that lose control and generate violence, it is not new, this is over 20 years old”.


While the Mexican Soccer Federation concentrates on the world cup process with a view Qatar 2022 and the awarding of matches for the World Cup 2026 in which they share headquarters with United States and Canada, the violence in the stadiums grew without generating interest from Mexican soccer managers, according to Sánchez Gudiño.

“The Federation It has been in focus a lot in the nbusiness and has neglected the issue of security and violence in the stadiums. A serious diagnosis of the problem should be made and actions and alternatives found,” he suggested.

“The Federation requires take a step that has not given and that is seek support from public and private universities that they have researchers on the subject who can contribute their opinions to combat violence. This is not a short-term problem, it is long term and must be eliminated from the root”.

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