Liga MX: Dani Alves’ wife files for divorce

Daniel Alves He was arrested on January 20, and since then he has been in provisional prison without bail, accused of an alleged sexual assault committed at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona on December 30. Now the soccer player, according to the Ana Rosa Program, would have received the divorce petition from his current wife Joana Sanz through his lawyer. As revealed in the program, the reason would not be justified by the footballer’s guilt or not, but by having recognized the infidelity. “We can now confirm that Joana Sanz has filed for divorce from Dani Alves“. He also tells how the footballer found out: “Her lawyers have informed her because last week she asked for a ‘vis a vis’ and he said he did not want to,” said the journalist Leticia Requejo. In addition, he added: “He also They tell me that Joana regrets these first statements defending her boy, some decisions that she makes through Dani Alves’ lawyer”.

In addition, it was reported that Dani Alves would have rejected the possibility of having a vis a vis with his wife and thus be able to meet intimately with your partner or to see your direct relatives. In this second case, the number of people who will be able to access will be a maximum of six. Something, which seems to also discard the player.

He deleted all the photos from his Instagram

Recently Joana Sanz deleted all her photos she has with her current husband Dani Alves, even those of the day of his wedding of his social networks. A week and a half after the arrest of the Brazilian player, Joana does not want her profile to have any image of the former Barcelona player.

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