Liga MX spends more money on transfers than the best in the world, and it’s so bad that nobody believes it

Liga MX, the championship that spends a lot and offers a poor show.  (JULIO CESAR AGUILAR/AFP via Getty Images)

Liga MX, the championship that spends a lot and offers a poor show. (JULIO CESAR AGUILAR/AFP via Getty Images)

Liga MX has been characterized in recent years for being news in the transfer markets. Players come and go, but there is a clear consensus when it comes to Aztec football: its market is inflated. Within the competition, amounts are paid that a European team, for example, would not pay for that same player. And everything becomes clearer when in the equation between the money that other leagues have disbursed in the last transfer market, which is the winter one.

According to information published by the journalist Martín del Palacio, and that can be compared with the Relevo report on expenses in the winter market in Europe, the list is made up as follows: Premier League with 466 million euros; Liga MX with 62 million; Bundesliga with 48 million, LaLiga with 24 million; Ligue 1 with 21 million and Serie A with 9 million. The signing of the biggest stir was that of Fernando Gorriarán from Santos to Tigres. According to the journalist André Marín in his column in Halftimethe cats spent 20 million between Gorriarán and Nicolás Ibáñez. According to the Transfermarkt portal, Gorriarán is worth 9 million dollars and Ibáñez, 7.5. Added to the profits of the clubs, the account of 20 million comes out.

And among the most notable signings of this window are those of Israel Reyes from Puebla to América, Víctor Guzmán from Pachuca to Chivas, the Argentines Ramiro Carrera and Augusto Lotti from Atlético Tucumán to Cruz Azul, Nicolás Ibáñez from Pachuca to Tigres, and Víctor Guzmán (central) from Xolos to Monterrey. C.s you can see, there really isn’t a player who stands out or whose name is going to make a substantial difference in Mexican soccer seen as a whole: almost all the signings are internal, which reflects that Mexican soccer is becoming more and more closed in all aspects: it is not interested in international tournaments nor is it looking for quality players in other markets. And when that happens, failures are also the order of the day, as the case of Florian Thauvin in Tigres shows.

In the Premier League, people spend big even in this winter market, and this is what Chelsea showed with the purchase of the promising Ukrainian midfielder Mykhaylo Mudryk, for whom they paid 100 million dollars. In addition, The Blues insistently sought the services of Enzo Fernández, World Champion midfielder with Argentina in Qatar 2022.

But they could not reach an agreement with Benfica, a club that asked them for 120 million for Fernández, while they came to offer 85 million, according to the journalist. Fabrizio Romano. But the issue is that the Premier League is cooking separately. The money it generates is equivalent to the spectacle it provides on the field and the competitiveness of its teams. Above all, if we talk about Mexico, watching the entire English league costs just 70 pesos a month, and watching all Mexican soccer can cost up to 500 pesos.

What is surprising, in addition to the appearance of Mexican soccer itself, is that this amount of money is not reflected in the level of the tournament, because although it is true that the winter market is usually more active in Mexico than in other countries It’s not even that the spending is on high-status signings that could have a core impact on tournament rank. For example, the big bomb in this market is the arrival of Diego Lainez to Tigres, a player who could not start at Betis, in Spanish soccer, or in a team in a second-rate competition in Europe. as is the Braga of Portugal.

Another case is that of Fernando Gorriarán himself, a constant midfielder who has proven to be valuable in the Mexican context, but whose talent falls short compared to other demarcations and the proof is that he was not taken into account by Uruguay to play in the Copa del Qatar world. No one in that country was scandalized by the absence of the star signing of the most powerful club in Mexico. Things that only happen in Mexican soccer.


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