Like CR7, he left the stadium before, now the punishment Guzmán would have in Chivas

The sanction that Pocho Guzmán would have in Chivas
The sanction that Pocho Guzmán would have in Chivas

Chivas equalized without goals against San Luis and their coach Paunovic acknowledged that the game was conditioned by the absence of Alexis Vega, however, Chivas had in their hands the possibility of placing other offensive players such as Víctor Guzmán, but the Serbian coach left him on the bench.

In a press conference, Paunovic assured that Víctor Guzmán is not at 100% and for this reason he decided not to put him on the pitch, something that would have bothered Pocho Guzmán, for this reason, as soon as the game ended, he left the stadium in his private car.

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This act would have been frowned upon by the board of directors and the Chivas coaching staff, as recognized by the journalist Alberto Pérez, Pocho could have an internal sanction by the rojiblanco team, as happened to Santiago Ormeño. However, according to the source, there could be up to two matches on the reserve.

Did Santiago Ormeño fight with Paunovic in Chivas?

According to ESPN, Santiago Ormeño had angrily complained to the Chivas coach for not taking him into account, before which the player would have been notified that he will not be taken into account in the first team and that he must look for a new squad before the market closes. of passes.

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