like new live action movies with Jason Momoa

The film starring Jason Momoa (“Aquaman”) is scheduled to premiere in the spring of 2024 in our United States, more or less, from Marco until May 2024.

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Howl! The live recording of “Minecraft” finally has to be heard! The movie starring Jason Momoa (“Aquaman”) will be released soon In the spring of 2024, our United States, from March to May of next year.

second or On-screen rant It’s in Variety, on this date he was subjected to the performance of heavy Hollywood actors. The strike concluded last week with an agreement between the cartel and the students. An earlier prediction was that the debts would be issued in August 2023 in New Zealand.

The release date for “Minecraft” should be 2025.

Confirm below or trailer:

MINECRAFT: The Movie – First Trailer (2025) Live Action Jason Momoa |  Warner Bros

But before that there was a big or big problem with live action. The film has been in negotiations for release for almost a decade and there are difficulties in assembling a production team, according to On-screen rant. give way, oh The film is expected to be released in 2019 and 2022, and now in 2025.

The director is Jared Hess, after trying with Shawn Levy, Rob McElhenney and Peter Sollett. The only confirmed actor on the “Minecraft” list is Jason Momoa, star of “Aquaman.” In fact, the next water superhero movie will be available in our theaters in December.

But there are others Speculated names about the Matthew Berry (“What We Do in the Shadows”). Já Steve Carell, or Michael Scott from “The Office” was not a movie, as you know from the list.

In April, Warner announced a change There is no release schedule or release schedule for the film, by film, for April 2025.

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