Like Shakira, Miley Cyrus tells of her heartbreak: “Flowers” premiered on Liam Hemsworth’s birthday and the video was recorded in the mansion where the actor cheated on her | People | Entertainment

The new song of spite Miley Cyrus titled “Flowers”, has already surpassed that carried out by Shakira and the music producer bizarreas the most listened to in the Global Top 50 of Spotify.

the song of the artist American has more than 18 million views since its launch, so its performance on that platform streaming of music accumulated more interactions than Shakira’s, which has just over 11 million views, as reported by Diario Libre.

The background of “Flowers” the new song of heartbreak by Miley Cyrus

Both “Flowers” ​​and “BZRP Music Sessions #53″ have particular elements in common, and that is that both make references to the singers’ past relationships.

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While Shakira’s song made reference to her separation with Gerard PiquéMiley based the lyrics of her song as a response to “When I Was Your Man”, sung by Bruno Mars, but that it was dedicated to her by the actor and ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth.

Notably, Cyrus released the song on January 13, the same day as Hemsworth’s birthday. The lyrics, “built a home and watched it burn” could be referring to the house that Cyrus and Hemsworth shared that burned down during the fire Woolsey in Californiain 2018.

In addition to talking about their private lives, both songs were produced by the label of sonya company that has a contract with the three artists: Miley Cyrus, Shakira and Bizarrap, and that also has on its list of music stars singers that are capable of generating trends in social media like Ozuna and Rauw Alejandro.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus were together for 10 years

According to MSN, in this song, Miley Cyrus recounts her relationship with the actor, the ups and downs, their marriage, a bond that lasted 10 years and has now become a world-famous topic.

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“Flowers” ​​talks about Miley’s need to love herself, respect herself, validate herself, and know that self-love is more important.

The artist affirms in the letter that she can “buy flowers”, “hold hands” and “take her out to dance”, without the need for Liam to be present. On the other hand, the chorus is a declaration of intent and a direct one towards her ex-husband: “I can love myself better.” (AND)

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