Like4Israel: Supporting Israel supporters on the global stage

Like all the incredible individuals in our series, when Yael Turok realized what was going to happen on October 7, she immediately jumped into action. While she and her husband initially raised funds and sent equipment to needy civilians and the military, they soon realized another need, centered around the message of the war and Israel’s online fight.

Yale and like4israelThe story is part of Startup Nation United, a series showcasing how individuals and organizations in the tech industry have united under a common vision to do their part during the ongoing war. The podcast is produced and moderated by Michael Matias and Yaffa Abadi in collaboration with SeeTech, as a spin-off of the popular podcast series “20 Minutes Leaders”, also published in collaboration with SeeTech.

Given the tremendous anti-Israel bias, it is easy to feel that Israel is alone on the global stage. But Yale noted that there are many influential people, non-Israeli and non-Jewish, who support Israel and recognized the need to highlight this support globally.

She insists, “There are many non-Israelis, non-Jews who support Israel and they are raising their voices, although they are getting a lot of messages on their posts saying, ‘You are not on the right side.’ Or ‘God will not be with you.’ It’s important to support those influential people.”

What she came up with is a simple yet impactful initiative. The platform aggregates daily posts from influential people, whether Israeli celebrities like Gal Gadot or international celebrities like LeBron James, who express support for Israel’s right to defend itself. Users visiting the Like4Israel website can engage by liking, commenting, saving or sharing these posts. The platform also includes gamification elements, allowing users to track and quantify their support for Israel.

Yale walked us through the operational process and explained that there are two major teams involved in this initiative. The first team actively sources posts from different social media platforms throughout the day, ensuring a diverse representation of influencers. The second team is responsible for verifying data and posts to maintain the integrity of the content displayed on the platform.

In parallel, Israel is building a network of people outside Israel or the US to increase the impact of its operations globally.

While many initiatives focus on combating anti-Israel bias, Yael and her team decided to focus on the positive support Israel receives that sometimes fades into the background. “The feedback we have received is that our platform enhances this positive energy. “We’re not trying to convince anyone of anything, we’re trying to bring unity to these voices and appease those who support Israel.”

Like4Israel has emerged as a beacon of positivity in these dark times. They are encouraging those who continue to support our country despite the protests, increasing the reach of their content, and giving energy to anyone who wants to scroll through their platform and remember that we are alone. Are not.

As the platform continues to grow, it has the potential to become a transformative force in shaping stories and fostering unity in the face of adversity.

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Yaffa Abadi is the Founder and CEO of Abadi Brands, a boutique consultancy specializing in personal branding and thought leadership for investors.

Michael Matyas, Forbes 30 Under 30, is the CEO of Clarity, a startup that maintains trust in digital media by fighting deepfakes, and is an active angel investor in the AI ​​and cyber domain.

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