Lil Jolie, interrupted girls grow up

Lil Jolie is the stage name of Angela Ciancio, born in the province of Caserta in 2000. Her nickname is a tribute to Angelina of Interrupted girlsa film that shook entire generations between becoming aware of depression as an illness and the desire to free even one’s less sociable, more introverted and “damaged” part, in order to express one’s discomfort without fear of the judgment of others.

Nomen omen would say, for a very young artist who publishes her first ep entitled Girl simultaneously with his first time at the MI AMI Festival, Friday 27 May on the Pegaso stage. She is very excited about this coincidence, happy, with a heart pounding: “I can’t wait”, she tells me. “I did a lot of rehearsals until I lost my voice for I LOVE ME, it’s a dream come true, I’ve always wanted to play there since I started writing songs and it’s amazing that it’s there the day my ep comes out! “.

I try to extract some details from her for her live in Milan and she reveals to me: “There will be some guests …”, without unbuttoning too much, very loaded. Girlhis ep, is a kind of concept where his small part comes out while he is getting big, you understand from every song. A sort of psychological game in which, during therapy, one talks to one’s child self to make peace with it and protect it: “Exactly, it’s like I’ve been in therapy with myself. I’ve been waiting for the release of my first album since I realized that this was what I wanted to do when I grow up, it’s a really strong burden. ”

“I live this passage with all the anxieties of the case”, explains Lil Jolie. “It scares me to grow up, since I was little my head has never relaxed or detached from this thought. Growing up means knowing how to be alone and live with your fears and sometimes I feel ready, others not. “Her journey took her from the province of Caserta to Naples and then, after the first singles and the contract with Warner, on to Milan. A physical as well as a mental journey: “I moved here to Milan and the city is helping me to grow without ever losing my unconsciousness, which is what makes me write and gives me the courage to lay bare. “

A strange journey in an era in which Naples is experiencing a great moment musically: “I never thought that Milan could become my home but here the air you breathe makes me keep up with the times and is the reason for my transfer. I feel that before I lived with a lot of latency, instead here I seem to walk without hearing the steps I take, I feel freer, I’m fine. In Naples I was with my parents, I had a different responsibility, I didn’t live 100% with naturalness, I felt dependent on something. There are also cons of course: here I can feel a lot of loneliness at times “.

One of the themes of the ep, which explores Angela’s most intimate emotions: “The whole record is about me, from my childhood until now, as if it were a journey. I tell all my fears including that of losing my child, as Pascoli would say. “It’s a record full of collaborations: Pretty Solero, Edonico, Carl Brave, Vale LP and Ketama126, the latter two will also be at MI AMI live this year. “I chose the people with whom to write the pieces among my friends, they are the same people with whom I would go for a beer in the evening and each of them gave me a little bit of themselves, but I put my hands on each piece” .

Seeing the list of feat., One would think that the album is urban to the nth degree and instead, despite the matrix being that, there are bedroom pop and other indie passages. Practically the juice of the new Italian song. We talk about it a bit and he tells me: “I don’t like to label my music, I let it flow by itself, I just want to be an accomplice of my music. I like many things and I want this to come out, I have listened to many songwriters of the old school, I love Battiato, Battisti, De André and lately I particularly like what Ivano Fossati has written. When I was younger I couldn’t understand it and when my father put the CD on I asked him to remove it, but now he touches me in a particular way “.

Just Fossati who spoke of the popular song, which would have illustrated the way forward and in some way the new pop that comes from below, from the underground, from Soundcloud and from hip hop or trap culture, began to speak the language of the people who they listen, who feel represented by the songs: “I feel that there is a new course of artists who carry on sincerity, without hiding, without making their songs too artificial and people are realizing it.“.

This particular attitude, which has made them famous Aries, Blanco And Madameto name three, it is a very strong driving force that is changing what is meant by national-popular and is creating a lot of opportunities for all new artists who never before have an audience and can tell their own stories without fear or superstructures.

This is the story of Lil Jolie, who arrived in Milan from Campania with the desire to talk to everyone and everyone about her fears and ambitions, without hiding. As in the record he talks about his panic attacks: “Music and my mother help me to overcome them, but it’s not yet time to make them friends. But I know how to manage them, and to all the people who suffer from these disorders I say: talk about them, don’t keep nothing inside, do not be afraid because panic feeds on secrets, on the unspoken, on fear itself “. Clear ideas, attitude and an exciting voice, this is Lil Jolie. If you want to discover it, come on Friday 27 May to the MI AMI Festival.

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