LIliana Rodríguez: this is the relationship she has with her half-sister Genesis Rodríguez

At 79 years old, the Venezuelan singer Jose Luis “El Puma” Rodriguez, remains more active than ever and, even, as in his younger years. And it is that the international artist returned to live shows, but he also shines as a jury of a reality show on Argentine television, which has earned him being invited to different programs in this country as well. In addition, the family scandals around the author of “Diosito Santo” are also on the agenda, since there is always news about his conflicting ties,

As for this last plane of the life of the Puma and his family, the singer’s relationship with his daughters is one of the aspects that most often cause people to talk. And it is that the link of Jose Luis Rodriguez with your daughter Liliana Rodriguez (55) is practically broken and there were practically no known indications that it was going to be rearranged. At least, until a few days ago.

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