Lily Collins and the look with which she takes us on a journey through time

There are already those who compare the series Emily in Paris with the sex in new york of the new generations. The similarities are palpable in many respects. To begin with, both share a creator, Darren Star, and both have a protagonist who is passionate about fashion, her love affairs and her two inseparable friends as the epicenter of the action. And, just like what happened to Sarah Jessica Parker with Carrie Bradshaw Lily Collins She has become a catalyst for trends, extending the shadow of her character, Emily Cooper, to red carpets and presentations. We have seen the last test yesterday at the PaleyFest, held in Los Angeles, for which Lily Collins chose a look most risky. Not so much for the styling itself, as for the air vintage that ended up giving her makeup and hairstyle.

Richard Shotwell/ gtres online

The actress wore an original skirt and jacket suit in a daring smurf blue color. The silhouette of the design was one of exaggerated lines, with a jacket oversizedwith longer sleeves than usual and marked shoulders and a pronounced waist peplum. The skirt further emphasized the proportions of its twin garment as it was in a mini version and had an asymmetrical cut. The styling was completed by a corset style body in brown lingerie that matched very high-heeled shoes, finished in a point and a thin strap tied to the ankle.

But the element that marked the course vintage part of the ensemble were her hair and makeup.

Richard Shotwell/ gtres online

For the first, Lily Collins chose an updo with bangs and some loose strands that could have been worn by any character from Melrose Place or Brenda herself at her end-of-year party in Feeling of living. The makeup draws attention for its uniformitya face with hardly any rouge, with lips and shadows in shades of brown like her top and shoes.

Lily Collins is confirmed as the new muse fashionist small screen output.

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