Lily Collins causes a sensation in Madrid with metallic dress

Lily Collins

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    Once again, Madrid once again becomes one of the most glamorous capitals thanks to the launch party for the latest line of Cartier High Jewelry. It was attended by a large number of guests who filled the spectacular Palacio de Lira with style and elegance, but it is worth highlighting -above all- the proposal of one of them: Lily Collins. The protagonist of the iconic fashion series dazzles us with a dress with a certain aristocratic air that, if it managed to attract our attention at first, finished off our love for it when we discovered that it is a piece that supports the sustainable fashion.

    Of course, Collins couldn’t just be a guest of the act, since she is brand ambassador and his visit to Madrid was not going to be in vain. For this reason, the ‘celebrity’ wanted to make an impact like never before with a most inspiring proposal with which she seems to be taken from a fairy tale.

    A somewhat unusual style in her that, after analyzing the looks of her character in the fashion series and in real life, surprises us even more. However, it is one of her most spectacular outfits.

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    How could it be otherwise, Lily Collins became the main protagonist of the event. She just came through the door with that strapless dress and metallic fabric and the actress has already captivated all the guests with her presence. This is an impressive set of Haute Couture of Ronald van der Kemp which belongs to the Collection haute couture Spring 2022.

    This has a wide variety of floral prints and its structure with burnished bustier top and super full embossed skirt make it a unique piece full of charm.

    As we said, it is made from sustainable materials, as it is an objective that the fashion house has had in mind for about eight years. Which makes it an even more special dress if possible.

    Your ‘beauty’ proposal completed the look perfectly. She just needed to put her hair up in a low braided bun with curtain bangs and, for makeup, opt for passionate red lips and a most elegant black eyeliner. As for accessories, of course, the diamond choker she wore belongs to Cartier under the name ‘Emerald’.

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