Lily Collins falls in love with everyone with a new look

Hilarious designs, trendsetting styles, bright colors, pastels, dark, light, and a series of combinations that you didn’t know would look so good. Although Emily in Paris became the most watched romantic comedy on Netfllix, the foreground is always taken by its protagonist, Lily Collins, and the different looks with which she delights us episode after episode, positioning the series as an icon of inspiration for fashion lovers.

Undoubtedly, one of the great attractions of the French capital revolves around the importance given to fashion. Even the same collins He confessed that during his stay there, he took note of the style of Parisian women and applied a few changes to his appearance. The most notable change is the subtle curtain bangs that she has used in recent months, which, being so volatile, allows her to wear it in different ways and to be able to pull it back from her forehead to wear different hairstyles.

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