Lily Collins gives style lectures in elegant leather dress

british actress Lily Collins She is one of the most sophisticated artists in the medium as she always dazzles with her elegant and glamorous style, that she also shares on social networks, as on this occasion, in which she wears an outfit that makes her figure shine and look totally chic.

The 33-year-old model and producer radiates beauty in a long brown leather dressbuttoned in front up to the knee, leaving a opening from precisely her knee to her ankles, to give her outfit a seductive style.

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The cut is modern of a sophisticated and very glamorous simplicity, but also a perfect fit that shows off the silhouette of the actress, which she combines with sneakers in beige with straps tied to their ankles, a feminine and flirty detail.

In jewelry, she limits herself to several rings and completes with a simple makeup of brown shadows and pink lips, to illuminate her face. She wears the wavy hair parted on one side; an carving and a fringe very chic that give volume to her hair and she shines thanks to that hazelnut shade that suits the actress so well, because it contrasts with her skin tone.

On this occasion he attended an event of livingproof, a hair care company of which Lily Collins is an ambassador and of course she lives up to this haircut so versatile and youthful that stylizes her features but also makes her look very modern and avant-garde.

his fans in social media they write in their comments that she looks beautiful with this sophisticated outfit; that the hairstyle makes her look fabulous and that the combination of both makes her shine as the great star of the artistic medium that she is becoming.

Lily Collins is indeed rapidly growing her already extensive and successful filmography, which includes movies like Mirror Mirror, Okja, Tolkien either To the Boneand of course the acclaimed Netflix series, Emily in Paris.

One of his next films will be Gilded Rage, in which he will appear alongside Bill Skarsgard and Christoph Waltz; a film that he will direct Charlie McDowell, Lily Collins’ husbandand who has just released this year the project wind fallanother film in which she is the protagonist and which was launched on the platform Netflix in the middle of last March.

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