Lily Collins revives 90s trends with miniskirt and loafers in 2022

Lily Collins It is a benchmark of style, of that we have no doubt. And when the Emily in Paris actress decides to take mini skirt Y normcore loafers to have a little fun recreating a scene from cluelesswe know that in terms of trendsnothing is a casuality.

It turns out that the catwalks of the season have revealed the return of the very short skirtsa garment that marked a collegiate aesthetic in the the 90’s that, now, fills us with nostalgia. But don’t worry, it is not a feeling of longing that has no solution, since fashion has taken care of giving us back the mini skirt to wear it again, as well as Cher Horowitz in the film that marked a generation and, now, as the actress Lily Collins in his recent Instagram post.

How to wear miniskirt and normcore loafers like Lily Collins

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The performer wore a pleated miniskirt squared, matching a white shirt and a vest. East schoolboy look represented all one trend in the 90s and, currently, Miu Miu has been one of the companies defending the return of the pleated skirt well above the knees. The success of the garment has been inevitable, celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber or Chiara Ferragni have already worn it.

On the other hand, another trends who have returned with force, are the normcore loafers. Those shoes seem so ‘common’, that in the middle of 2022 they leave the norm of the ‘common’ to position themselves successfully among the style prescribers they are wearing them with jeans and skirts.

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