Lily Collins shows us how to wear boho skirts for the office

Lily Collins is the protagonist of the famous Netflix series, Emily in Paris.

Lily Collins is the protagonist of the famous Netflix series, Emily in Paris.

Photo: @lilyjcollins

The boho fashion like the one you use Lily Collins, the leading actress of Emily in Paris, comes from the word bohemian or bohemian

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This new boho has returned with fringes on suede jackets and bags and now, thanks to Lily Collins, we know that on skirts too.

The boho style is characterized by being an evocation of a hippie style, with color patterns, flowers, in loose and relaxed clothes, a legacy of life from the 70s, but a little more calculated and versatile, capable of being elegant for any occasion.

Lily Collins casual skirt

This skirt conquered us because sometimes it is difficult to get out of the routine in office clothes and we need Change of look without really knowing how, and this is a perfect option.

The Emily in Paris actress has also already won us over with several of her outfits, so if we’re looking for something feminine we can go to Lily Collins’ closet and see what she has new for us.

In this case, we find a less rigid style, which allows us to put aside jeans and pants of every day and replace them with a light proposal. Is a long skirt, comfortable, versatile. It just depends on the accessories. that you use, the shoes and the jacket that you decide to wear, you can combine it in a more formal or informal way depending on your taste.

The skirt is printed with an A-line design and ruffle hemcombined it with a Basic black short sleeve t-shirt.

How to combine it?

You can use it with a white shirt, a tank top in a color that matches your skirt or a baggy sweater with tall boots, and you will have a look that can be perfect to make it very versatile. Combine it with golden accessories and you will be very elegant.

You can also choose something like this:

Find the pattern that is perfect for you. Here we say goodbye to another look of Lily, and you can see that she wears a short boho dressin case you prefer a different style but equally feminine and chic:

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