Lima Alliance | Cristian Benavente received loud applause from the gallery after his premiere in Matute | VIDEO | League 1 | VIDEO RMMD | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

Cristian Benavente made his debut as an Alianza Lima player at the Alejandro Villanueva stadium and the applause was not long in coming. The “Chaval” entered in the second half in what was the match of Alianza Lima vs. Carlos A. Mannucci for the third day of the Opening Tournament of League 1 2022 and scored his first goal after a free kick.

The Spanish-Peruvian soccer player left the Matute playing field to cheers and applause from those present who were eagerly awaiting the premiere of ‘Chaval’, who ended up giving them a joy after scoring the last goal of the match shortly after the end .

Although Benavente returned to play a game after almost a year off the pitch, his confidence was full, which is why he made the decision to execute the free kick in favor of Alianza. The footballer trained in the Real Madrid youth squad never took his eyes off Manuel Heredia’s goal and settled for his right-footed profile.

After taking the corresponding distance, the midfielder shot powerfully towards the right angle of the goalkeeper of the ‘Carlista’ box, who could not do anything with his stretch. It should be noted that the hubbub of those present was inevitable, including Jefferson Farfán.

The Alejandro Villanueva stadium vibrated with the victory and “Chaval” thanked the fans who were present in Matute: “It’s a unique feeling because, I had been told that the stadium cheers all the time; and, today, after losing, they have helped us and thanks to them – also – we have been able to come back”.

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