Lima Alliance | Guillermo Salas after the defeat against Atlético Nacional: “Overall, it’s better that this has happened now” | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

Lima Alliance did not have the expected result last Sunday against Atlético Nacional, due to the friendly agreed for the official presentation of the Colombian club. With three goals against, the blue and white team returned to the capital, ready to turn the page, although with important lessons to accept.

This was announced by the Victorian technician, Guillermo Salaswho pointed out on his arrival in Lima that “these preparation matches are very important for us because it allows us to analyze various things prior to the start of the local tournament”. Of course, he stated that what happened will be discussed in the inmate.

Many conclusions are definitely drawn from what happened and it is already in the internal to improve, here there are no secrets and only work remains”, he explained to the press, upon leaving the Jorge Chávez international airport. Of course, he stated that “We are aware that we did not play a good match and typical of it was that their goals were our fault”.

With all this, the national strategist could not help but be empathetic with the feelings of the fans, who expected a better result from the commitment. “I understand that the fan is upset just like all of us, but, After all, it’s better that this happened now. Little by little the new reinforcements will continue to establish themselves in the team“, said.

Alianza Lima arrived in the capital, will rest this Monday and on Tuesday, January 17, they will resume their activities, this time, thinking about the next rival in the local championship, which starts this weekend. The intimates will face Atlético Grau in Piura, this Sunday, January 22 in Piura.

Despite how complicated this scenario will become, especially in summer, the team is convinced that they will give their best effort to get the first three points of the Opening Tournament. The appointment is at the Miguel Grau stadium from 1:00 pm and can be seen on Directv and Best Cable.

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