Lindsay Lohan tells her younger self how much she loves her red hair

Lindsay Lohan got sentimental in a new social media video recently shared.

the star of Falling for Christmas She posted an Instagram video where she chats with her younger self about the insecurities she grew up with, the goals she achieved, and how life treats her these days.

The video, which Lohan titled “Conversations with Little Me,” begins with a photo of Lohan as a child wondering to her older self:

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“Do I like my red hair?” To which the current 36-year-old Lohan replies, “Yeah, I love my red hair!” The video continues with little Lohan asking, “What about my freckles?” to which adult Lohan replies, “They used to make me uncomfortable when I was a kid, but now I realize how beautiful they are.”

Her admission of past insecurities struck a chord with her followers, who showed their love for the actress in her comments section. Many chimed in to tell the actress that they were proud of who she had become and were okay with growing up insecure.

However, the star Mean Girls he didn’t just talk about his insecurities. She also referred to other topics that she wanted to discuss with her younger self. the video of instagram continues with present-day Lohan talking to her little self about her current career and interests and what her life is like.

Little Lohan asks, “Are we a model?” to which the current Lohan jokingly replies: “When the Glam comes, yes!” And when it comes to playing “dress up,” the actress reassures her younger self that she’s still something she loves to do. The answer was completed with a glamorous photo of the star in a sparkly outfit, full face of makeup and heels.

Little Lohan asks a few more questions before closing, wondering if she’s still smiling, all these years later. Lohan happily confirms that she is her, writing:

“Life is so beautiful and I am so thankful for my husband, my family and all that life brings!”

lohan married bader shammas last summer after getting engaged in late 2021.

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