LineageOS 20 is based on Android 13 and comes with a new camera app

Lineage OS 20 it has already been officially released as the new major version of the best-known Android ROM, but not necessarily the best (that largely depends on personal taste). Spiritual heir to what was once CyanogenMOD, it is an operating system that has more than proven its worth in keeping alive terminals that have been discontinued by their manufacturers.

Lineage OS 20 is based on Android 13, the latest stable version of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Actually the ROM derives from AOSP and not Android as Google presents it to its OEMs and for its own devices, but the term Android is more familiar to people. Consequently, it benefits from many of the features that it has introduced, and this can be especially important when it comes to security, an area where you always have to tread carefully.

Regarding the rest of the news and features introduced in LineageOS 20, we find the inclusion of all the security patches from April 2022 to December 2022, which have been merged from version 17.1 of the ROM to version 20. On the other hand, there is the new camera application called “Aperture!”, which is based on Google’s CameraX library and should offer an experience closer to what is offered by the system of stock.

"Open!"a new camera app introduced in LineageOS 20 that is based on the CameraX library

“Aperture!”, a new camera app introduced in LineageOS 20 that is based on the CameraX library.

Support has been included for the Generic Kernel Image (GKI) and Linux 5.10 builds with full support of out-of-tree modules to match the new AOSP conventions. other enhanced apps Fork of AOSP Image Gallery, Jelly Web Browser, Update Tool, Seedvault Backup Tool, and Recording App to Tune Material You Add to Installer Update to Android 13 .

Android TV-based builds now offer an ad-free launcher as opposed to the Google-supplied version and some Google TV features have been introduced like a “much nicer looking two-pane setup app”.

All LineageOS 20 details are published in the official announcement, while the system can be obtained from the corresponding download section of the official website. We leave you with a list of the reasons why you should install an Android ROM along with some instructions and additional material to be able to resurrect software support that has been discontinued by the manufacturer, something that is very important in terms of security.

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