“Lionel Messi plays for fun, Cristiano Ronaldo for…”

At the microphones of CBS Sport, Peter Schmeichel, legendary Danish goalkeeper, argued that the people of Madrid did not deserve their place in the final.

Real Madrid do not have the right to be in the final. They were clearly the worst team in both games. The first opportunity was the first goal, in the 90th. The second goal was the second chance and the third goal was the third chance they had to shoot on goal.” said the Dane.

“Manchester City were in total control of the game, but that’s what we’re talking about, that the stadium can be their 12th player. When the second half started, this chance (from Vinicius) after eight seconds set the stadium on fire, it was incredible. he added.

“I feel a bit sorry for Manchester City, I have to say, because I think apart from that goal in the 90th minute, they played very well, they had everything under control.

Rodri in midfield was brilliant and I’m not going to criticize anything but if you lose a player like Kevin De Bruyne and the game goes the way he does you miss him in the last 30 minutes and they missed him sorely,” he continues.

But I mean… my God! Real Madrid, where does it come from? I have absolutely no idea. They didn’t play well. Predicting this Champions League was very, very difficult. I thought Bayern Munich were going to win and they were knocked out in the quarter-finals.

I thought Real Madrid would go to the final because of the situation in England, but they were so bad… Only their game at Chelsea was good. I don’t understand anything about football anymore.” adds the former goalkeeper.

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