Lionel Messi predicts ‘good things’ for next season at PSG

Arrived last summer, Lionel Messi ended his first season with PSG. A 2021-2022 exercise not easy for the Argentine legend but he wanted to be reassuring on his social networks.

The Paris Saint-Germain season is finally over, most certainly the worst of the last 10 seasons. Despite everything, Lionel Messi and his teammates were able to celebrate the 10th Ligue 1 in the history of the Parisian club. “La Pulga” posted a message on Instagram to reflect on this season.

“The season has ended and I wanted to thank my teammates for the way they have treated me since my arrival and my family for always accompanying and supporting me. It was a different year for everything that s ‘happened. […] We had the bitter taste of being eliminated in the Champions League in a game where we were better, and at the same time I want to stay with the joy of having added another title which was also one of the objectives. ‎‎Surely good things will happen in 2022, it will be an important year and we will fight to be competitive with ambition to win it all. ‎”

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