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One of the great breaking points of Argentina in the Qatar World Cup was the draw 2 to 2 and the victory on penalties over Netherlands, that allowed them to advance to the semifinals against Croatia. Undoubtedly, it was the game with the greatest tension between the players of both teams, with a brawl and many provocations during the definition from twelve steps. And already in the mixed zone, Lionel Messi unloaded against the striker Wout Weghorstauthor of the two goals of the European team.

It happened that the man from Rosario, once the game was over and with a thousand heartbeats, spoke with the journalist Gaston Edul, from TyC Sports, and seconds before the interview began, he harshly attacked a member of the orange team’s delegation who went behind the camera, who was later found out to be Weghorst.

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Edul, in his first speech, asked the Argentine star: “Were you a little hot at the end?” And the forward, spicy as he was rarely seen, ignored the query and verbally intertwined with a person who did not appear on camera: “What are you looking at, stupid? Go there, fool.”

with cool head

That reaction, unknown to Messi’s temper, was due to a hot climate that was palpitated in the previous one with statements by the coach louis van gaal and a controversial performance by the referee Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz, who charged Argentina with yellows, to the point of adding the second warning to Marcos Acuña and Gonzalo Montiel, who could not play the next match against Croatia.

Regarding that moment, Messi showed regret to Andy Kusnetzoff in the interview on Radio Urbana Play. “I don’t like what I did, I don’t like to leave that image, but it’s over,” said Lionel Messi reflectively and remembering the phrase, “Go there, fool.”

And he also referred to the celebration of the Topo Gigio, against the bank of the Netherlands headed by Van Gaal: “It came out at the moment. He knew everything Van Gaal had said before the game. Some of my teammates even told me, by the way: ‘Did you see what Van Gaal declared?’ And when all that ends, what happened happened. I do not like that. I don’t like what I did. I don’t like the ‘andá pa ‘allá’. But hey, these are moments of great tension, a lot of nervousness and everything happens very quickly. One reacts as one reacts, but nothing was planned. I don’t like leaving that image, these are things that happen”.


Alberto Estevez. efe

And he expanded: “It was something that came naturally to me, a lot had happened on the field with that player and a couple more brushes with crosses, the fever with the referee as well. I had just finished and that came out.”

Messi also spoke about his contact with Román: “I spoke to him, he always wrote after the games, he spoke to me not only at the World Cup but also throughout the years. He had had a couple of meetings with Van Gaal in Barcelona and we discussed all of that. Whenever he talks about me, Román throws headlines like “Don’t make him angry.”

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