Lionel Messi’s fortune exceeds Cristiano Ronaldo’s by 100 million

Soccer returned to give millions of fans around the world a new and perhaps last confrontation between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, since both will cross paths this Thursday in the duel between the Riyadh star team and PSGa confrontation that despite being friendly will be lived with an intensity of the highest level.

on the one hand C.Ristiano will play his first match in Saudi Arabia since his signing with Al-Nassr, while Lionel Messi He continues to enjoy the title obtained with Argentina in Qatar 2022 and will give his Arab fans the chance to see him in action.

Throughout their football careers, Lio Messi and CR7 have starred in big clashes between them (37 in total), from Champions League finals (Manchester United and Barcelona), passing through Spanish classics (Real Madrid and Barcelona), as well as other duels in the Champions League (Barcelona and Juventus) and internationally (Argentina and Portugal).

Nevertheless, the rivalry has also moved outside the courts, since in the economic aspect both have also remained at the top during the last decade, fact that has allowed them to create millionaire and important fortunes for their future and that of their respective children.

Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi Which fortune is greater?

In accordance with Forbes and Celebrity Net Worth, Cristiano Ronaldo closed 2022 with a total fortune of 500 million dollars. While Lionel Messi adds 600 million, that is to say 100 million more than what the Portuguese adds, who will soon increase his assets after his signing with Al-Nassr of Saudi Arabia, a team with which he will receive 200 million per season without counting sponsorships.

Also, as previously revealed, the Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary is three times higher than Lionel Messi’s receives with PSG, since the Argentine receives a salary of 65 million dollars without counting the sponsorships with which he reaches 120 million per season. However, Ronaldo receives 200 million dollars a year without taking sponsorships into account.

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