Lisa celebrates Thai style after joining Spotify ‘Billions Club’

The Blackpink singer celebrated by posting a video as she became the first K-pop artist to achieve the milestone on Spotify, which has more than 550 million monthly active listeners worldwide.

In a short teaser video posted on X on Tuesday, Spotify said, “Breaking records and serving up service while doing it. “Lisa is the next member to join the #BillionsClub.”

The video shows Lisa cooking khao khai jiao, or Thai-style omelette, with rice next to Spotify’s BillionsClub trophy, a large silver bowl.

Lisa celebrates Thai style after joining Spotify 'Billions Club'

On Thursday, Lisa posted a follow-up clip to her Instagram account featuring footage from her Billions Club video shoot.

“Honored to join the Billions Club. Thank you to @spotify and my listeners around the world for making this possible,” said the Thai superstar.

The soon-to-be aired show will feature Lisa cooking a Thai omelette and rice before serving it in a Billions Club bowl. For dessert, she makes coconut milk ice cream served on bread – a familiar favorite of millions of Thais.

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