“Listen to a woman first, not too late”

Penelope Cruz She has received many awards as an actress throughout her career. at last it’s done Donostia Award from the San Sebastian Film Festival. Iñaki López talks with its director, José Luis Rebardiños, to explain how an award was created that recognized his career and contribution to cinema and which, for various reasons, went around the world.

“I called Javier Bardem,” says the director of the festival, who explains how he and the actor decided who would present the award to Penelope: “I asked Penelope what surprise we could give her and she told me Bono asked about. Presented to Rebordino Bono on stage to the applause of the audience And to the surprise of Penelope Cruz, who couldn’t help but get excited. You can see the emotional moment in the main video of this news.

Moreover, the actress featured in a laudatory speech against gender violence spread across the globe. “So far this year, 44 women have been murdered in our country due to gender violence and there have been over 1,000 deaths since 2003. Only in our country, how many in the world?” So lamented Penelope, who launched a powerful message: “I hope that when a woman finds the immense strength that is needed to tell what she feels in a situation like this, Hear it, but hear it first, not when it’s too lateIrene Monteiro and Borja Semper appreciate this speech against gender violence and the importance of Penelope as a feminist reference.

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