Listen to TV 14 September 2021: Morgane, Malmoe-Juventus


Champions League on Channel 5

You listen to tv from Tuesday 14 September 2021: new challenge between Rai1 and Canale 5. The film “Morgane Special Detective“Against the game”Malmoa-Juventus“. Who won the challenge related to listen to TV last night, Tuesday 14 September 2021?

The debut of the new Rai programs should be noted: “Today is another day” And “Life live“. Here are all the Auditel data in the early evening paying attention to the data relating to the major digital terrestrial channels. Let’s find out all the preferences of the television audience in terms of share.

Listen to TV last night: Morgane Detective special vs Champions League Malmoe – Juventus. Auditel last night, September 14, 2021

Rai1 and Canale 5 challenge: head to head between Morgane Detective special and the Champions League match Malmoe – Juventus.

Rai 1: Morgane Detective special, the French TV series that is a champion of audiences makes its debut on Raiuno with an average of 4,476,000 spectators. Share of 20.6%. In the cast: Luca Zingaretti.

On Rai 2: Stay with me, the 2018 film directed by Baltasar Kormákur thrilled 917,000 spectators (4.3% share). In the cast: Shailene Woodley.

Rai 3: CartaBianca: Bianca Berlinguer’s program, which tells the news and the news by deepening the hottest topics, intrigued 715,000 spectators. Share of 3.9%.

Network 4: Out of the box, the Mediaset topical and in-depth program conducted by Mario Giordano involved 821,000 spectators. Share 5.3%.


Channel 5: Malmoe-Juventus, the Champions League match in group H saw Malmoe on the pitch against Allegri’s Juventus. The match attracted 4,477,000 spectators to the TV. Share of 20.15%.

Italy 1: Good or bad, the second episode of the new current affairs program conducted by Veronica Gentili attracted the attention of 553,000 spectators equal to 2.96% share.

La7: Tuesday: the weekly appointment with politics and current affairs conducted by Giovanni Floris informed 843,000 spectators, equal to 4.5% of auditel.

Tv8: Undoing – The Untold Truths: US television miniseries directed by Susanne Bier, based on the novel A Happy Family attracted 277,000 viewers. Share of 1.4%. In the cast: Nicole Kidman.

Nine: Public enemy, the thriller directed by Tony Scott starring Will Smith held 458,000 spectators in suspense for a 2.5% share. Also starring: Gene Hackman, Jon Voight.

Listen to DayTime Afternoon, the data of September 14, 2021


  • Today is another day: 1.330.000 spectators with 11.47% of Auditel.
  • The Paradise of the Ladies: 1,628,000 spectators with 17.26% share.
  • Life live: 1,553,000 spectators with 16.84% of Auditel.


  • Beautiful: 2,253,000 spectators with 16.38% share.
  • A life: 2,281,000 spectators with 18.08% of Auditel.
  • Men and women: 2,479,000 spectators with 22.77% share.
  • Big Brother Vip, daily strip: 1.641.000 with 17.45 from auditel.
  • Love is in the air: 1,472,000 spectators with 16.58% share.
  • Afternoon Five: 1,127,000 spectators with 12.86% in the first part and 1,275,000 spectators with 13.41% in the second.


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