Listen to TV analysis 12 October 2021: Marcorè wins easy over Di Caprio. Rai2 this time there, Le Iene and Berlinguer drop. Giordano chases Floris


Listen to other TV: challenge over half a million between the England-Hungary match on 20 and Marriage at first sight on Real Time

Rai1 won but also the Pepito of the Saccà family, in a productive diaspora and with Giuseppe reaching the top of 3zero2, but always effective on air. Beat Hollywood and, to be more precise, a new, yet another integral passage of Titanic. It is easy to predict that the first goal would beat Canale 5; that Neri Marcorè, paired with Valeria Bilello in Enter the secret code, detached Leonardo Dicaprio And Kate Winslet in an epochal disaster version. It is less obvious to decode in advance the results of the three-way information challenge and that between the second Rai network and the second Mediaset network on 12 October. A fundamental variable, the competitiveness of Rai2, which in the previous weeks had made very low results with I want to be a magician. This time the film with Denzel Washinton, The Equalizer 2 was a tough opponent for the second episode of Hyenas. The in-depth study was also influenced. On Tuesday, as is the rule, talks by Bianca Berlinguer (with Mauro Corona And Marco Travaglio, but also Nicola Zingaretti in the menu), Mario Giordano (with the house thieves, but also the pedophile priests and an interview with Giorgia Meloni), Giovanni Floris (in paragrillist colors with Giuseppe Conte And Piercamillo Davigo).

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On Rai1 the cycle of Pepito Production, As long as it all ends well, proposed the TV movie Enter the secret code. With Nerì Marcorè, Valeria Bilello, Paola Minaccioni and Gabriele Cirilli in the cast, the light comedy received 4.148 million spectators and a 20.2% share. Almost doubled, in the overlapping period, the most direct competitor. On Canale 5 the super cult Titanic, with Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet, collected 1.770 million spectators and 12.8% share, going well into the night and sacrificing the performances of the second goal of Cologno in the third evening slot. In practice Titanic in detail the first part of the film, between 21.48 and 23.27, received 2.187 million spectators and 10.5% and then up to one and a half in the morning 1.414 million and 17.7%

On Italia 1 the second episode of Hyenas, with Nicola Savino and Rocio Munoz Moralez to the conduction and the Gialappa’s at the mocking counterpoint, 1.334 million spectators and 8.7% share, after the presentation at 1.163 million and 4.8%, down compared to seven days earlier, but ahead on overlapping Rai2. On the second public network, in fact, the film The Equalizer 2- Without Forgiveness, received 1.351 million spectators and 6.3% share.

Listen to TV talk show: the race is more fought than usual, with Mario Giordano overtaking Bianca Berlinguer and almost reaching Giovanni Floris

On La7 On Tuesday has lined up among the guests Teresa Vergalli, Massimo Giannini, Alessandro Sallusti, Giuseppe Conte, Nicola Piovani, Maurizio Landini, Piercamillo Davigo, Pierpaolo Sileri, Francesca Donato, Barbara Gallavotti. Giovanni Floris it achieved 1.150 million spectators and 5.8% (seven days earlier to 1.252 million spectators and 6.3%). On Rete4 Out of the core conducted by Mario Giordano, He hosted Giorgia Meloni and, therefore, also Rita Dalla Chiesa. Speaking of green passes, house thieves, pedophilia in the Church, it had 965 thousand spectators and 5.8% share (seven days earlier to 818 thousand spectators and 4.9%). On Rai3 #White paper has focused on guests like Marco Travaglio, Nicola Zingaretti, Elisabetta Gardini, Luigi Marattin, Gianluigi Paragone, Matteo Bassetti, Andrea Scanzi, Valentina Petrini, Federica Angeli, Vauro, Umberto Carriera, and the stable attendance of Valerio Rossi Albertini and Mauro Corona. Organized in this way, the broadcast had 878 thousand spectators and 4.6% (seven days earlier to 945 thousand spectators and 4.9%).

In the phase in which the programs were broadcast at the same time, Floris (5.83%) prevailed over Giordano (5.72%) and Berlinguer (4.6%). Giordano peaked for the number of spectators at almost 1.6 while there was talk of street violence in Rome, at 22.04. While with the ‘house thieves’ before midnight the share reached 7.8%. With the Meloni connected, the program had at 10.45 pm, 1.440 million spectators and a 7% share.

Listen to TV day time

In access. On Rai1 The usual unknown 5 million viewers with 20.8%. On Channel 5 Strip the News 3.8 million spectators with a share of 15.8%. About Italia1 NCIS recorded 1.1 million viewers with 5%. On Rai3 What happens? at 1.1 million and 4.9%, A Place in the Sun 1.642 million viewers and 6.8%. On the subject of information talks, the access game was also interesting. On La7 Half past eight, collected 1.773 million and 7.4% share. On Rete4 Italy tonight it collected 1.174 million and 5% in the first part and then 1.145 million spectators and 4.8% share in the second. Finally on Rai2 for the twenty minutes of Tg2 Post, only 898 thousand spectators and 3.7% share. In the early evening. In the early evening. On Rai1 The legacy got 2.758 million viewers and 19.3% and 4, 140 million viewers and 22.7%. On Channel 5 Free Fall – Start the Challenge 1.940 million viewers and 14.1% while Free fall had 3.355 million viewers and 18.9%. On Rai3 TGR 3 million viewers with 15.2%.

In the morning, One morning 12.7% and 17.7%, Italian stories 14.8% and 15%. On Canale5 Morning Five 18.5% and 16.9%. On Rai2 Radio2 Social Club 4%. On Rai3 Agora 9.3% and 7.8% share. Following Elixir 6.9%. On La7 Omnibus 3.7%. Coffee Break Summer 4.3%. At midday. On Rai1 It’s always noon with Antonella Clerici 15.3%. On Channel 5 Forum 17.9%. On Rai2 Your Facts 8.2% in the first part and 8.7% in the second part. On Italy 1 Sport Mediaset 5.3%. On La7 The Air that Pulls 5.2% in the first part and 4.7% in the second part. In the afternoon. On Rai1 Today is another day 13.1%. The new season of The Paradise of the Ladies 17.8%, Live life 16.6% and 16.7%. On Canale5 Beautiful 18%, A life 18% share, Men and women 22.1% and 20.4% share, Friends 19.4%, Gf Vip 19.6%, Love is in the air 16.1%, Afternoon Five 12.3% and 13.1%. On Rai2 2 pm at 4.3%, No sooner said than done 4.1%, Italy-Sweden U21 to 6%. On Rai3 Waiting for Geo reaches 6.9% e Geo at 10.6%. On Rete4 The Forum Desk 6%. On La7 Tagada 2.9%, Tagadoc 1.3%. In the late evening. On Rai1 Door to door 9% share. On Channel 5 Tg5Notte 10%. On Rai2 I hear you 3.4%. On Rai 3 the Tg3 Night Line 5.4%. About Italia1 Death Proof Gridhouse 6.6%. On Network 4 Involuntary witness 3.7% share.


Listen to free native digital TV in prime time: Real Time wins

Out of 20 England-Hungary to 555 thousand and 2.4%. On Real Time Wedding at First Sight 7 it got 508 thousand spectators with 2.2%. About Iris The three hundred of Fort Canby 491 thousand spectators and 2.2%. On TopCrime The Ghosts of Le Havre to 335 thousand and 1.5%. On Rai4 Cocaine 309 thousand spectators with 1.4%. On the Nine A Team it collected 276 thousand spectators with 1.3%. On RaiPremium A summer in Hoxford 246 thousand and 1.1%. On Tv8 The Hunter of Ex to 241 thousand spectators with 1.1%. On Cine34 Malena to 227 thousand and 1%. On La5 the replica of Big Brother Vip 201 thousand spectators and 1%. On RaiMovie Fifth Power at 171 thousand and 0.8%.

Emanuele Bruno

(In the photo a moment of Le Iene Show)


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