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Even though it’s only been a few months Selena Gomez posed next to hailey bieber To put the rivalry between the two aside and try to show that things are fine between the two, apparently they have distanced themselves again after starring in a new confrontation on social networks.

All the drama made millions of people separate into two camps: ‘Team Selena Gomez’ and ‘Team Hailey Bieber’, taking the wife of Justin Bieber to lose millions of followers on their social networks and making the former Disney star the most followed woman on TikTok and instagram.

Likewise, Selena received the support of many celebrities, including that of a Chihuahua breed tiktoker puppy, who has become viral for showing that he is part of the fandom in a peculiar way.

Perrito team Selena softens on social networks. (Photo: pi3tro_b1tch)

Watch the viral video here

As can be seen in the short clip titled “My dog ​​chews on celebrity photos check” the owner of the dog shows him the photographs of Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber and the cannon proceeds to bite them all with fury; However, when they show him the image of Selena Gomez, he has a tender reaction.

What’s happening? What bites Selena Gomez? I’m from Selena’s team, bravo princess! Long live Selena!”, the animal is heard supposedly saying.

Reactions on social networks

To date, the video has 8.8 million views, more than 1.7 million “likes” and thousands of comments, among which the following stand out: “I had never heard a puppy in Italian, love”, “Selena Gomez was not I bit!”, “Don’t take me out of Italian TikTok please” and “I loved ‘Selena Gómez, I didn’t bite her’”.

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