Live Atalanta – Venice: 4-0 Serie A 2021/2022. Live the match

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Gewiss Stadium
    City: Bergamo
    Capacity: 26724 spectators13:17

    Gewiss Stadium
  • At the Gewiss Stadium everything is ready for Atalanta-Venice, the fifteenth matchday of Serie A.13:17

  • The Nerazzurri, unbeaten since the beginning of October and returning from three consecutive victories in the league, face the orange-blacks, stopped by Inter after a row of three useful results in a row.13:21

  • Here are the formations. Atalanta with 3-4-2-1: Musso – Djimsiti, Demiral, Palomino – Hateboer, Koopmeiners, Pessina, Pezzella – Ilicic, Pasalic – Muriel. Available: Sportiello, Rossi, Toloi, Scalvini, Zappacosta, Maehle, de Roon, Freuler, Malinovskiy, Miranchuk, Piccoli, Zapata.17:51

  • 4-3-1-2 for Venice: Romero – Mazzocchi, Caldara, Ceccaroni, Haps – Ampadu, Tessmann, Busio – Kiyine – Johnsen, Henry. Available: Lezzerini, Bruno, Svoboda, Modolo, Molinaro, Schnegg, Crnigoj, Bjarkason, Peretz, Heymans, Aramu, Forte.17:49

  • Full-bodied turn-over by Gasperini who confirmed only four players compared to the victory against Juventus: Ilicic and Pasalic behind Muriel, Hateboer and Pezzella on the flanks. Koopmeiners and Palomino on the pitch from the first minute.17:48

  • Out Vacca, Tessmann plays. Zanetti opts for the Johnsen-Henry attack tandem with Kiyine in support. Okereke also not available, Aramu starts from the bench.17:50

  • The warm-up phases end, soon the start of the match directed by Santoro.18:14

  • 1 ‘

    START Atalanta-Venice, ball to the orange-blacks.18:31

  • 1 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY VENICE! After 19 seconds Busio immediately warms up Musso’s gloves with a right from distance, the first corner of the match.18:32

  • 2′

    Pezzella reaches the bottom, Mazzocchi stops him in the corner.18:33

  • 3 ‘

    From a corner, Pasalic’s turn, Ceccaroni clears the area.18:34

  • 5 ‘

    Palomino holds Henry launched towards the door, Santoro grace him.18:36

  • 6 ‘

    Tessmann receives in the area from Johnsen but misses the control, ball on the bottom.18:37

  • 7 ‘

    GOAL! ATALANTA-Venice 1-0! Pasalic Network. Ilicic filter for cutting Pasalic area and Romero cold plate.

    Look at the player’s profile Mario Pasalic18:39

    Mario Pasalic
  • 9 ‘

    STATISTICAL PILL: Only Florian Wirtz has participated in more goals (five goals and six assists) than Mario Pasalic (five goals and five assists) in the five major European leagues.18:42

  • 11 ‘

    Physical challenge between Tessmann and Koopmeiners, the Nerazzurri prevail.18:42

  • 12 ‘

    GOAL! ATALANTA-Venice 2-0! Double from Pasalic. Exchange in the area between Muriel and Pasalic who again beats Romero with his left.

    Look at the player’s profile Mario Pasalic18:44

    Mario Pasalic
  • 14 ‘

    Johnsen triangulates with Henry, Demiral’s providential recovery but the Frenchman was offside.18:45

  • 15 ‘

    STATISTICAL PILL: Only Verona (nine) have scored more goals than Atalanta in the first fifteen minutes of play (six) in this Serie A.18:48

  • 16 ‘

    A rebound in the area favors Ilicic, Caldara closes.18:46

  • 18 ‘

    Restart three against three of the orange and green, Kiyine loses time and unloads the right to the side.18:49

  • 19 ‘

    Henry gets rid of Palomino, Pezzella remedies.18:49

  • 21 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY VENICE! Busio’s throw of a millimeter, Henry controls and shoots, Musso stretches out and touches her over the post.18:52

  • 22 ‘

    On the development of the corner, cross by Haps, right by Ceccaroni, deflected out by Tessmann.18:53

  • 23 ‘

    Pasalic in the area for Muriel who does not engage, Romero thanks.18:54

  • 24 ‘

    Ilicic earns a free kick from a dangerous position, Kiyine foul.18:55

  • 26 ‘

    Scheme on unsuccessful free kick, ball on the bottom.18:56

  • 28 ‘

    Prolonged action by the Nerazzurri, Pezzella is caught offside.18:59

  • 30 ‘

    Koopmeiners from 25 meters, powerful but imprecise left foot.7:00 pm

  • 32 ‘

    Slightly slowed pace, possession of the Nerazzurri, the orange and green are struggling to restart.19:03

  • 34 ‘

    Pessina tames for Ilicic, left cornering.19:05

  • 36 ‘

    Percussion by Muriel, excellent closing by Caldara.19:07

  • 38 ‘

    Henry complains about another Palomino foul not recognized by Santoro who warns the orange-green.19:10

  • 40 ‘

    Tessmann has the field to advance, right in the arms of Musso.19:11

  • 42 ‘

    Muriel tries to break through in the area, Ceccaroni sweeps.19:13

  • 43 ‘

    Pezzella focuses from the left, right blocked in two times by Romero.19:14

  • 45 ‘

    END OF FIRST HALF. Atalanta-Venice 2-0, a brace from Pasalic decides.19:16

  • The orange-blacks start strong, Busio engages Musso after 19 seconds, but the Nerazzurri find the goal and channel the game at the first chances created with two cuts in the area by Pasalic, well served by Ilicic and Muriel. Henry tries to reopen the result but Musso is ready.19:20

  • Gasperini can be satisfied with the result, he must avoid drops in concentration; Zanetti needs to adjust the median, too often inserted centrally and can make better use of the spaces in the restarts.19:22

  • 46 ‘

    REPLACEMENT VENICE. Mazzocchi remains in the locker room, space for Crnigoj, Ampadu climbs full-back.19:34

  • 46 ‘

    THE SHOOTING BEGINS. Atalanta-Venezia 2-0, maneuver by the Nerazzurri.19:34

  • 48 ‘

    Prolonged phrasing by the Nerazzurri, high pressing by the orange-blacks.19:37

  • 49 ‘

    Cross from Pessina, Ilicic hits badly with his head, ball in orbit.19:37

  • 50 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY VENICE! Crnigoj advances up to 20 meters, violent right, Musso punches us.19:38

  • 51 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY ATALANTA! Ilicic in the corridor for Pasalic, Romero manages to close the mirror.19:39

  • 52 ‘

    Muriel of heel for Pezzella, low cross intercepted by Ceccaroni.19:40

  • 53 ‘

    Kiyine bowl for Johnsen, Palomino’s punctual defensive diagonal.19:41

  • 54 ‘

    One-two between Ilicic and Hateboer, left footed in the corner by Caldara.19:42

  • 55 ‘

    From corner, Djimsiti’s header, high.19:42

  • 57 ‘

    GOAL! ATALANTA-Venice 3-0! Koopmeiners network. Pezzella touches the limit for Koopmeiners, precise low shot in the low corner, Romero immobile.

    Look at the player’s card Teun Koopmeiners19:45

    Teun Koopmeiners
  • 58 ‘

    REPLACEMENT VENICE. Zanetti calls Kiyine and inserts Aramu.19:47

  • 58 ‘

    REPLACEMENT VENICE. Busio leaves the field in favor of Peretz.19:47

  • 59 ‘

    Cross of Ampadu, Peretz crowns high from an excellent position.19:46

  • 60 ‘

    STATISTICAL PILL: First goal ever for Teun Koopmeiners in Serie A.19:48

  • 62 ‘

    POLE ATALANTA! Muriel talks in the strait with Pasalic, his right splinters the base of the wood.19:50

  • 63 ‘

    REPLACEMENT ATALANTA. de Roon takes the place of Pessina.19:50

  • 65 ‘

    Cross from Hateboer, Crnigoj takes refuge in the corner.19:52

  • 66 ‘

    Muriel for Pasalic, shot offside.19:54

  • 67 ‘

    GOAL! ATALANTA-Venice 4-0! Pasalic triplet. Muriel drunk Ampadu and serves Pasalic who leaves Romero no way out.

    Look at the player’s profile Mario Pasalic19:57

    Mario Pasalic
  • 69 ‘

    Aramu frees Crnigoj in the area who shoots at the stars in front of the goalkeeper.19:58

  • 71 ‘

    Ilicic from 25 meters, a conclusion to forget.19:59

  • 71 ‘

    REPLACEMENT VENICE. Zanetti covers himself: Svoboda for Johnsen.19:59

  • 72 ‘

    LAST CHANGE VENICE. Presence for Schnegg, Haps comes out.8:00 pm

  • 74 ‘

    STATISTICAL PILL: Second hat-trick scored in Serie A for Mario Pasalic, the first he had always scored against a newly promoted player (Brescia in July 2020).20:03

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