Live Atletico Madrid – Milan: 0-0 Champions 2021/2022. Live the match

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Wanda Metropolitano
    City: Madrid
    Capacity: 67703 spectators14:55

  • Good evening and welcome to the live news from Atletico Madrid-Milan, a match valid for the fifth round of group B of the Champions League.14:55

  • Pioli’s Milan have only one way to stay in Europe: to beat Atletico. Only by winning the Wanda Metropolitano, possibly with at least two goals, will the Rossoneri be able to play everything for the whole of December 7 at San Siro with Liverpool. In the event of a draw or defeat, the European adventure would already end today. A difficult but not impossible feat, even in light of the first leg where Milan’s advantage, signed by Leao, lasted until minute 84. Griezmann’s equalizer inflamed the end of the race, preceding the Colchoneros overtaking by a few minutes, which came thanks to the penalty. of Suarez with time out.19:37

  • A delicate match also for Atletico who must catch up a point behind Porto, currently second in the standings, and will then have to face the Portuguese in the last round. There are therefore all the conditions for a game played openly on both sides.19:36

  • All Slovenian referee to direct the match. Vincic will be the referee, Klancnik and Kovacic will be assistants, Kajtazovic will be fourth official. Dutch couple instead of monitors with Van Boekel VAR and Kamphuis AVAR.19:34

  • OFFICIAL ATHLETIC TRAINING MADRID: Simeone chooses a 3-5-2: Oblak – Savic, Gimenez, Hermoso – Llorente, Lemar, Koke, De Paul, Carrasco – Suarez, Griezmann. Available: Lecomte, Kondogbia, Correa, Renan Lodi, Herrera, Cunha, Vrsaljko, Fran Gonzalez.20:28

  • MILAN OFFICIAL LINE-UP: 4-2-3-1 for Pioli: Tatarusanu – Kalulu, Kjaer, Romagnoli, Hernandez – Kessié, Tonali – Saelemaekers, Krunic, Diaz – Giroud. Available: Mirante, Desplanches, Bennacer, Ballo-Touré, Ibrahimovic, Leao, Florenzi, Maldini, Messias, Bakayoko, Gabbia.20:56

  • Simeone, as already against Porto, chooses the three-man defense. There is no Felipe through disqualification, Savic in his place in the trio with Gimenez and Hermoso. In the middle of the field Lemar, Koke and De Paul with Llorente and Carrasco at full range. In front of Suarez-Griezmann. The injured Joao Felix and Trippier were absent.20:58

  • Pioli recovers Romagnoli and places him in the center of the defense alongside Kjaer. Kalulu and Theo Hernandez confirmed on the wings like in Florence. On the other hand, the line-up from the waist up must be deciphered but Kessié and Tonali should act as a belt with Krunic on the attacking midfielders. Diaz and Saelemaekers will be the wings in support of Giroud. Ibrahimovic starts from the bench.20:57

  • Everything is ready at the Wanda Metropolitano! There is very little to go before the two teams enter the field!20:54

  • Teams lined up in the center of the field, the Champions hymn resounds!20:57

  • Let’s go! Vincic whistles to start the match.21:00

  • Sold out for the Madrid plant where there are no anti-Covid restrictions.21:01

  • On the ground Hernandez, hit hard by Koke on the first ball touched.21:02

  • 2′

    Theo limps to his feet but play resumes for a few seconds before being interrupted again by Saelemaekers’ foul on Carrasco.21:02

  • 3 ‘

    MIRACLE OF TATARUSANU! Carrasco drunk Kalulu on the left and centers for De Paul. Immediate conclusion of a right flat by the Argentine and instinctive response from the Romanian goalkeeper who deflects for a corner.21:04

  • 4 ‘

    But there was Carrasco offside, the game resumed with a free kick for Milan.21:04

  • 5 ‘

    Giroud reaches for Gimenez and hits him in the face. Play stopped again.21:05

  • 5 ‘

    Edgy start of the game with three interventions already on the verge of yellow, not sanctioned by Vincic.21:05

  • 6 ‘

    Milan in management of possession in the opposing half of the pitch.21:06

  • 6 ‘

    Brahim Diaz penetrates between the lines of Atletico and kicks from the edge. A strangled conclusion that ends wide on the side.21:07

  • 8 ‘

    Offensive action by Atletico that ends with De Paul pushing on Kessié.21:08

  • 9 ‘

    Brahim Diaz’s cross-shot that almost surprises Oblak out of goal. Ball out of an abundant meter.21:10

  • 10 ‘

    Krunic doesn’t take off his leg and knocks Llorente out. Vincic verbally calls him back.21:11

  • 11 ‘

    Milan is still playing the game in this start.21:12

  • 12 ‘

    Giroud is caught in the area, the Frenchman puts a ball in tow but the defense of Atletico is careful and free.21:12

  • 13 ‘

    Lemar runs out of time on Saelemaekers. Punishment for Milan who plays fast and returns to dribble in the opposing half of the pitch.21:14

  • 14 ‘

    One-two between Theo Hernandez and Diaz, the Frenchman is closed for a corner by Savic. Vincic, however, indicates the goal kick.21:15

  • 15 ‘

    Savic remains on the ground in pain, the game stops once again.21:15

  • 15 ‘

    It starts again with Diaz looking for the blow for Giroud but Gimenez rejects with his head.21:15

  • 16 ‘

    The Colchoneros put their nose in the Rossoneri half of the field, earning two throw-ins in the series.21:16

  • 17 ‘

    De Paul’s hand ball to interrupt Hernandez’s disengagement.21:17

  • 18 ‘

    Number of Diaz taming the launch of Kalulu. Ball in the center for Giroud who detaches himself from Gimenez’s marking but does not receive the ball due to the intervention with the toe of the South American.21:19

  • 19 ‘

    Right to the stars by De Paul from the opposite side.21:19

  • 21 ‘

    Kalulu detaches from a standstill on Kessié’s cross from the left. Ball that comes weakly into Oblak’s arms.21:21

  • 22 ‘

    Free kick for Atletico with Carrasco ready to put in the center.21:22

  • 22 ‘

    Carrasco beats short but the scheme fails. Atletico who remains in attack.21:22

  • 22 ‘

    Llorente finds space on the right and crosses low for Griezmann. The Frenchman misses the impact with the ball from a dangerous position.21:26

  • 24 ‘

    Atletico have now taken control of the game after leaving it for the first twenty minutes at Milan.21:24

  • 25 ‘

    Suarez on the ground, victim of a blast by Kjaer.21:24

  • 25 ‘

    The game resumes with De Paul dragging the ball into a lateral foul after the pressure of Kessié.21:25

  • 27 ‘

    Giroud spreads his arm and hits Koke in the face. Vincic admonishes him.21:26

  • 28 ‘

    De Paul verticalizes in the center for Lemar but Tatarusanu keeps a good guard going out to collect the ball.21:28

  • 29 ‘

    De Paul frees Llorente behind Hernandez. The Spaniard has space but misses the cross in the center for Suarez.21:29

  • 29 ‘

    Diaz is left without a shoe after Lemar’s surgery. Do it for AC Milan who get back into possession of the ball.21:29

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