LIVE TMW – Juve, Allegri: “Only Chiellini and I have already played in Venice. Arthur not called up”


Conquered first place in the Champions League group, the Juventus he plunges back into the championship, where the bianconeri plan to shorten the gap compared to fourth place. The team’s next opponent Massimiliano Allegri and the Venice, tomorrow afternoon at the Penzo at 6 pm the kick-off whistle. The Livorno coach presents the match at a press conference.

13.47 – Allegri arrives, the press conference begins.
First question: three wins in the last three races. What can be the next step?

“It’s tomorrow’s game, which I think is complicated. If I’m not mistaken, Venezia scored a lot at home: I think they didn’t score a lot at home. In any case, they play and are carefree, then they come from a bad defeat with Verona. They had dominated the first half, tomorrow they play with Juventus and they will try to make a historic feat. We must put ourselves on par with them, in terms of mentality and racing “.

How is De Sciglio?
“Well, McKennie not yet and he is joining next week. Ramsey is still out, then the others, apart from Arthur, who arrived late to practice this morning and will not be called up.”

The next matches, against teams that may be waiting for you, are the ones that put you most in difficulty. Do they serve to heal?
“It is not a question of healing, nor of spaces, nor of Champions. We are clearly below the average in terms of the achievement percentage: we must be more lucid and bad in front of goal, at the moment the achievement percentage is too low to be at the Juve. Five chances are needed for a goal. It’s not much. Tomorrow, I already said after the Champions League, it’s a big risk game, if we interpret it in a way. I think the boys have understood the importance of the game. even for the moment “.

If De Sciglio returns, will we be able to see the 4-2-3-1 again?
“If De Sciglio plays it is normal that Cuadrado will be moved further ahead and therefore Bernardeschi will remain on the left, where paradoxically he does better than on the right because he has more freedom of movement.”

“He’s fine, he’s available and ready to play.”

For Kaio Jorge is a season like this better or a loan to play more?
“At this moment we have not taken this hypothesis into consideration here. Kaio Jorge has arrived for three and a half months, he has been standing still for a while but now he is better. He will have his space and he will play.”

Are you worried about the concentration for Saturday’s race? Or do you think back to the previous ones?
“Our trend this year is this. So, since now is an important moment in the championship, we need to give something more. Then afterwards we don’t know how the matches end, but the performance must be of a high level, from the point of view. from a technical, physical, mental point of view “.

What are the risks of playing on such a narrow pitch?
“It is a field that no one knows in this team, only Chiellini and I have played there. It’s all strange, you arrive by ferry, the field is narrow. If you don’t go there and play a provincial game, let’s say and then you put yourself on a par with the other risks of getting hurt. There are those narrow fields, with no spaces, so the games go fast. Just look at the results and goals scored by Venice. And then it’s a team that plays well: I congratulate Zanetti, he creates a lot. We need an important match “.

What did Arthur do?
“It’s simple, he arrived late. I don’t think doing it the day before the game is right: he won’t be called up, but from Tuesday he’ll be back with the team. These things happen.”

How is Pellegrini?
“He has grown a lot, I think he has a lot of merit because he wanted to stay at Juventus. He has grown a lot, he is growing and I think he can improve further. He is a valid alternative for Alex Sandro.”

Juventus is the only Italian first in the group. Does it give you some confidence, even for those who say you don’t play a European game?
“Many say many things, then few guess them and many are wrong. Football is good because it is questionable. I’m sorry that both Atalanta and Milan went out, it would have been nice if the four Italians had passed the turn. Milan had a difficult group, Atalanta lost to the last. The first place is a satisfaction, but now we can’t think about the Champions League. We have to think about the championship, where we are clearly behind.

In terms of approach, how heavy was your work and how much was the maturity of the group?
“Let’s see tomorrow … We are always at Easter, there is always a surprise in the egg. Let’s hope tomorrow will be beautiful”.

Sacchi had made some predictions about the Champions League, which turned out to be wrong.
“When Arrigo speaks he does so with such passion, which he has for football. What he has done in his career speaks for him, when he says things you must always be listened to.”

Allegri’s press conference ends here.

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