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Football is increasingly nourished by technological aspects and is playing a notable role in the midst of a time of progress in sport and football has not been the exception. VAR, whoever likes it, is here to stay in sports venues around the world, and for this reason, referee video assistance seeks the best way to develop so that it is universal for referees and the entire public.

The Club World Cup began on Wednesday, February 1, with the match between Al Ahly vs Auckland City of New Zealand in Morocco to mark the beginning of the tournament that will see Real Madrid as champion of the Champions League and Flamengo as champion. of the Conmebol Libertadores Cup.

Not only technological aspects have been taking a lot of action in stadiums around the world, since recently in women’s soccer the white card was used for the first time in history to demarcate actions of fair play. Precisely, the two medical bodies of the clubs involved helped a player, for which the central judge rewarded camaraderie with a new card other than the yellow and red ones that penalize, these ‘congratulate’ good behavior so to speak.

In addition to the white card, the automatic misplacement also reached the different leagues and now in Morocco, they installed live VAR, a mechanism that will serve for spectators, as well as those who watch the matches on television, to see first-hand the decisions of the referees after they consult the monitor. What is it really about?

Now it is much easier to know the controversial decisions of the referees, who, although they review the monitors, sometimes sow various doubts in the spectators. Football changes every time and now it is expected that live VAR will serve to eliminate those doubts that leave more and more. It would be an excellent possibility to count on a few years in Colombia, and in South America, since it is more than necessary to know first-hand why he reversed a play, why he awarded a penalty or why he annulled millimeter goals.

Through the microphones, the referees will be able to give their decisions so that the whole stage can hear their final decision. The first to use it was the Chinese central judge, Ma Ning, who had ruled a maximum penalty in favor of Egyptian Al Ahly against Auckland City, in addition to the yellow card for the New Zealand defender. However, after seeing the monitor, the sanction was changed to dictate a free kick and expulsion for the defender. He made the gesture of the usual review and declared through the loudspeakers the change of his mind.

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