Liverpool has a set of 4 Katy Perry perfumes at an attractive price as a gift with Cuba

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Liverpool has a set of 4 Katy Perry perfumes at an attractive price as a gift with Cuba, If you like sweet fragrance then this is the best option for you.

If you love perfume, one thing that you should always keep in mind is that when discounts or promotions come out, you should not hesitate to take advantage of them. For this reason, we have recently shared with you Carolina Herrera perfumes two in one set for men and women at a discount,

And the thing is, when it comes to perfume, it is well known that it can cost a lot and is not very accessible. For this reason, we share with you an excellent promotion that definitely will not be repeated again.

take advantage of the promo

If you are a big fan of soft, long lasting fragrances with sweet fragrance, then these are the best options for you.

Hurry to take advantage of the promotion, because on the site of the Pink Stripes store this type of discount lasts no more than 3 days.

What set of 4 katy perry perfumes are available for sale in liverpool?

This is the katy perry meow and pur fragrance set for women that you can find in liverpool and it has increased from 2,950 pesos to only 2,800 pesos.

They are two of the most popular perfumes of the interpreter of “Hot and Cold” and also included two perfumes from the Cuban brand as gifts.

When shopping in Liverpool, you get up to six months without interest when paying with your departmental credit card or, where applicable, up to 3 months with other cards.

What does Katy Perry’s meow and purr smell like?

In the case of “Purr”, according to Fragrantica, “Top notes are peach, red apple, gardenia and bamboo; Heart notes are jasmine, freesia and rose; Base notes are vanilla, coconut, orchid, musk, amber and sandalwood”.

“Meow”, on the other hand, is characterized by more “vanilla,” top notes are pear, tangerine orange, gardenia, and jasmine; heart notes are honeysuckle, African orange blossom, and lily of the valley (lily of the valley) ; base notes vanilla, There are amber, musk and sandalwood.”

As you already know, Liverpool has a set of 4 Katy Perry perfumes with Cuba as a gift at a very low price.

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