Lives on the edge changes everything, that’s what happened

“Lives at the limit” is the program that tells the story of patients suffering from severe obesity, and who do not just have a food problem

Patient stories of “Lives on the Limit” always touch the hearts of viewers. Often these are very intense and difficult human events, where the serious obesity that afflicts the protagonists is only a consequence, and certainly not the cause of all their problems. Severe obesity is often generated by even serious psychological problems. One of the most intense stories, told in the sixth season of the program, is about Tamy Lyn Murrell, whose events have greatly impressed the public.

He weighed almost 300 kg: Lives at the limit changes everything, this is what happened (websource)

His life really was complicated, and everything fell apart when her father died and she stayed with her mother, who treated her very badly. The woman always vented into food, which she ate in industrial quantities. It had come to weigh well 270 kilos, a huge tonnage considering his short stature. He couldn’t do anything now, not even his normal household activities.

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Vite al Limite, the difficult path has had a complicated development

In fact, she was no longer independent. That’s why he decided to go to the doctor Nowzaradan and his Austin clinic. With a certainly complicated path she managed to lose more than 90 kilos, reaching a total weight of about 150 kilos. The path It was not easy at all, also because the woman also had to deal with the complicated relationship with her husband, who often betrayed her.

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Tamy Lyn Murrell
Tamy Lyn Murrell (websource)

That’s why she needed a lot of willpower for continue its path correctly. Not just diet for her, but also lots of exercise. After the journey everything went well, because she regained her appearance excellent and she also made peace with her husband. Nice one of his recent post in which he has thanked on Facebook for the love and support received.

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