Livia Brito alarm from hospital bed, ask for prayers for her health

Livia Brito alarm from hospital bed, ask for prayers for her health. After the great success of “the heartless“, the Cuban-born actress He was working on his new telenovela, when he presented serious discomfort.

Without a doubt, Livia Brito has become one of the spoiled actresses on the Mexican screen. After debut in “Triumph of love” next to Victoria Ruffo and Maite Perroni, soap operas such as “Abismo de Pasión”, “Italian girl comes to get married” and series like “The Pilot”They gave him a privileged place.

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What Fernando Linares created one of the most iconic characters in recent months and broke audience records. Although Livia Brito She was thinking of taking a break and seeking to become a mother, a project came into her hands that she could not refuse, “No man’s wife”, the new version of “Loving You Is My Sin”, where he will play the main character previously played by Yadhira Carrillo.

Yes ok, Livia Brito She was most excited on the film set next to Marcus Ornellas and great actresses such as Cynthia Klitbo and Azela Robinson, in recent hours she caused alarm by showing an image where she is seen admitted to a hospital.

Livia Brito alarm from hospital bed, ask for prayers for her health.  instagram special

Livia Brito revealed that she spent the night in the hospital.

The actress of “That I love you, I love you” pointed out that he spent the whole night in the hospital and that until after 5:30 in the morning she achieved an improvement, after resting, it was she herself who revealed what happened and although her followers asked to pray for her health, everything indicates that she has already stabilized.

It will be in the next few days when Livia Brito will return to the recordings of his new telenovela, since the premiere will be very soon, it will occupy the stellar place of the Canal de las Estrellas once the second season of “The Last King” ends, an unauthorized biographical series on Vicente Fernández.

Livia Brito, leaving her mark on the small screen, but a woman of great decisions

Livia Brito She has become one of the spoiled actresses on Mexican television, but she has also been able to show a lot of character and that she is not only a pretty face, because along with her love for acting, we have also seen her shine as a businesswoman.

The actress has one of the most enviable figures in the middle of the show and for this, she not only takes care of her diet and follows a strict exercise routine, but in the company of her partner and personal trainer, she developed a girdle to mark the abdomen and reduce measures .

Livia Brito She also promotes a reducing gel that improves the functions of the girdle and that she will soon launch on the market, a fact that has her very excited, proving that she is a woman of her word, that she does what she says and thus demonstrates her intelligence.

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