Livia Brito breaks the silence on the alleged new attack on a journalist

Livia Brito breaks the silence on the alleged new attack on a journalist and share your version of what happened. The altercation would have taken place last Friday and it will be this Monday when the affected person shares the material of what happened.

It was in 2020 when the photographer and paparazzi Ernesto Zepeda accused Livia Brito and her partner, Mariano Martínez, of having assaulted him after taking some pictures of them in the Cancun region. Although the event gave something to talk about and caused Livia to move away from television for a while, at the beginning of this 2022 it was announced that the legal process had been dismissed.

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Back then, the judge in the case determined that the actress and her boyfriend had suffered an invasion of privacy and dismissed the case because they never authorized the photographs, but now, the controversy occurs again with a similar event.

Through social networks the journalist Roberto Hernández Gallardo of TV Azteca denounced that the actress had violated him. She pointed out that Livia Brito had tried to take her cell phone and that she hit and intimidated him, adding that she had witnesses and that the incident had been recorded, and that on Monday what happened could be seen on the Ventaneando program.

Although some colleagues in the media were concerned about what happened, now the actress of “The Heartless” He gives his version of what happened and denies any violent act.

Livia Brito faces new accusations

It was a few minutes ago when through social networks, Livia Brito detailed what happened with the journalist who accused him of assaulting him. The actress of soap operas such as “Abismo de Pasión” and “Triunfo del amor” was determined to stop the controversy and calmly recounted her version of her events.

Livia Brito She acknowledged that last Friday she was approached by the journalist while she was recording the promos for her new telenovela “No man’s wife”. He clarified that he had little time available and that although he did intend to give the interview, it was not possible due to recording commitments.

Livia Brito She had told the journalist to give her time to free up and attend to him, but when she came out and told him that it would not be possible, she points out that the man insisted on recording her even though she asked him to stop.

As the journalist continued recording and did not pause the video as she requested, she chose to take the device and pause it, clarifying that she never damaged it and that when she had time, she would gladly provide the interview to whoever requested it.

Although some followers of Livia Brito have shown their support, others assure that they will not take sides until the journalist reveals the video of the events. Until now it is not known if there will be any legal process against the actress or the journalist.

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