Livia Brito, on video, would react annoyed with the reporter

Livia Brito faces a new controversy in the midst of the almost premiere of her new telenovela “No man’s wife“, a reporter points at her again after refusing to give an interview.

The TV actressLivia Brito, who in 2020 was sued by the paparazzi, Ernesto Zepeda after “aggressing him”, would face another collaborator, they say.

The events were recorded on May 14, at which time the star of “No man’s wife”, the recent production in which he participates Livia Britowas approached by a reporter from Ventaneando.

Livia Brito, involved in a new scandal with another reporter. Photo: Capture Instagram

It would be the same collaborator, Roberto Hernández Gallardo, who shared on his Instagram account proof of his encounter with the “cuban”, who was also attributed a bad reputation after the past events that occurred in Quintana Roo, with another reporter.

Under the hashtag of #LiviaBrito accompanied by two signs of caution and danger, the worker hinted that the remembered actress of “Triumph of Love”, (2010) would have acted as on past occasions.

It seems that Mrs. @liviabritopes still hasn’t learned the lesson of how to treat the press in Mexico. She always brings out her violent and aggressive impulses. Now I understand more what you had to experience my dear paparazzi @ eze025, she commented.

In another part of the message, Gallardo sends a warning message to his other colleagues in the media, whom he asked to avoid approaching the histrionic of whom he points out, until he “snatched” his cell phone: “Everything was recorded,” he explained.

In the screenshot, the arm of the also actress of the Mexican film, “Unhappy forever”, stretched towards him, while capturing part of Livia’s face, it is seen with an expression of annoyance, according to what can be reached to notice in the image.

Although it is really unknown what else happened since the Tv Azteca collaborator did not describe the incident in detail, however, a message can be seen that he wrote right in the photo regarding the attitude of the “originally from Ciego de Ávila, Cuba”.

The paparazzi explains that there is more evidence in his favor since at that time there were people nearby who witnessed what happened, so these recordings would be shown in the evening of Azteca this Monday, May 16, he pointed out.

It should be remembered that last 2020, Livia Brito and her then partner staged a strong scandal after a confrontation with the paparazzi, Ernesto Zepeda, who ended up with traces of g0lp3 ys@ngr3 on his face at the time of taking some photos without consent to the remembered presenter of “Dancing for a Dream”.

The interpreter of “The Heartless“He was with his sentimental partner at the time of the incident when the photographer described that he was stripped of his camera with which they attacked him, at that moment there would be several witnesses witnessing the scene, so the controversy circulated through all social networks

This also had consequences for the career of the 35-year-old star, born on July 21, 1986, who apparently had some projects in which she would be contemplated canceled, and who kept her away from the small screen for a while until her death. return in the production of José Alberto, “El Güero” Castro, in 2021.

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