Livia Brito shows her charms in a daring white chikini

Livia Brito caused a tremendous stir among her fans on social networks by posting a couple of spicy and revealing photos where she posed like a queen in the middle of the waves on a beach, wearing a tiny and charming two-piece beach outfit and a fishnet ‘smock’ that showed her tremendous curves.

The Cuban actress conquered the eyes of the gentlemen with her poise, beauty and elegance by modeling a two-piece swimsuit set in white with orange and aqua details on the top, which gave her a “handmade” touch. the piece.

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“It’s already the navel of the week, my babies of light. Tell me… How is your week going? I send you lots of kisses,” the Televisa actress published.

In her second photo, Livia posed sitting on top of a log lying on the sand, radiating her happiness by showing her beautiful smile as she received the last rays of the sun.

The Cuban delighted her millions of followers by posing in the most natural way for the lens, causing an uproar in her community, receiving dozens of compliments.


Livia was born in Havana, Cuba, on July 21, 1986. She made her debut in telenovelas in Mexico in 2010 and rose to fame for her participation in the melodrama Triunfo del amor.

She is the daughter of the actor Rolando Brito and the Classical Ballet dancer Gertrudis Pestana, born in Havana, Cuba.

Livia studied at Televisa’s CEA and began her career in 2010, just after graduating.

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