Lizzo had expressed interest in making Banana sex shows years before the allegations.

for a few yearsLizzo showed great interest in the famous Amsterdam Banana sex show, Which one, Three of his former dancers assure that he forced them to perform during a concert tour in that city and for which The singer was prosecuted.

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It was 2019 when Lizzo spoke about her desire to participate during an interview on a radio station in Amsterdam Live sex shows in the red light district of that city.

In interview with DJ Frank van der Lande for 3FMLizzo also asked the show’s host about a very strange item that involved bananas.Where Customers eat fruit straight from sex performers’ vaginas.

“That’s what I want to do, I need my potassium, if you know what I mean. My puss-tasium,” the singer said between laughs.

Then the presenter explained to them where these shows take place. “Bananabar”, a name that has been mentioned several times in lawsuits filed by his former dancers and where they assured that the interpreter sexually humiliated them by forcing them to do so.

In the document, the dancers claimed that, during a tour stop in Amsterdam in February 2023, Lizzo took them to a banana bar and forced them to interact with sex artists.

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The lawsuit stated, “Lizzo began inviting the performers to alternately touch the naked performers, hold dildos that came out of the performers’ vaginas, and eat bananas that came out of the performers’ vaginas.”

It’s not yet clear if the alleged incident was Lizzo’s first time on BananaNumber, but it turns out the singer has had the show on her mind since 2019.

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