Lizzo reveals that the new single Rumors will be a duet with Cardi B


The artist, born in 1988, has revealed the name of the singer who will support her in the song

The wait is almost over. In recent days Melissa Viviane Jefferson, this is the name at the registry office, announced the comeback record with Rumors.

Now, the singer has revealed further details about the song revealing the name of the artist who will support her in this new adventure.

Lizzo, the record comeback


Lizzo announces the release of the new single Rumors

Rumors is the title of the single that marks the return of one of the most popular and loved artists internationally. A few days ago Lizzo, born in 1988, officially raised the curtain on the new recording era with the announcement of the arrival of Rumors, outgoing Friday 13 August; the singer’s post immediately aroused enormous enthusiasm in the audience, eager to listen to the song.


In the past few hours the voice of Truth Hurts added that the song will be able to count on the presence of Cardi B, class of 1992.

Lizzo, success


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Over the years Lizzo has established itself as a real media phenomenon conquering audiences and critics. His latest album Cuz I Love You got a platinum disc in the United States of America thanks to the sale of over one million copies.

Among the most beloved songs of the artist we certainly find Boys and Good as Hell, the latter also proposed in duet with Ariana Grande (PHOTO).


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