“Local medicine is a priority of the Democratic Party”

By Valentino Crippa (Barzanò).

Dear Director, Friday 6 May at the Municipality of Molteno I participated as a mere spectator in a true, serious discussion on Lombard Health, well introduced by Mr. Bonacina who made me say that sometimes it is really worth leaving the house.

Present four regional councilors, two of our territory (Raffaele Straniero and Mauro Piazza respectively of PD and Lega) the former councilor for health Giulio Gallera (Forza Italia) and Gian Antonio Girelli member of the PD of the Health Commission.
Those who were present clearly perceived two different approaches in the way of dealing with health issues. A basic coherence that comes from afar that the PD has made its own, on the need and importance of prevention, as Raffaele Straniero said, which can be implemented if territorial medicine, including specialist medicine, works as a good filter to avoid clogging hospitals. as it often happens.
The enhancement and re-motivation of general practitioners from a social, health and economic point of view is part of this project.
Mauro Piazza, after spending a long time in Forza Italia, with the new Northern League jersey highlighted the importance of freedom of choice regarding the hospital where to go to be treated in the past wanted by Roberto Formigoni.
Too bad that freedom of choice often does not exist in fact, Girelli pointed out, when the citizen who needs a specialist visit and who cannot help it is told that he has to wait a year. We all know what happens in these cases. It becomes an obligation, not a freedom of choice, to turn to private structures. “Paga e Tas!” As it was written on the posters of the League in the early days.
Beyond the freedom of choice about the hospitals that everyone remembers, it was during the Formigonian period that, to name just a few examples, the health districts of Olgiate Molgora, Barzanò, Bosisio, Valmadrera, Costamasnaga, Galbiate were closed.
Now the Community House has reopened in Olgiate, but the problems are not the walls but the staff who need the structure. It is here that the efficiency and willingness of the presence of territorial medicine on the territory will be measured.
The former councilor Giulio Gallera, the only discordant note of the evening, climbing on the mirrors said that during the Covid period there were more deaths elsewhere than in Lombardy … We hope that these jokes will not repeat them in the Bergamo areas hit hard by the pandemic … his words revealed an understandable resentment for having paid for his way of operating with his resignation and perhaps above all because his majority had not defended him.
In short, very different accents among the speakers. The center right remained anchored to a still hospital-centered vision. He also tries to talk about local medicine, but it seems that he does it against nature. For the PD, on the other hand, local medicine is the terrain on which it carries out its convincing function to make healthcare work better and globally in our country.

Valentino Crippa (Barzanò)

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