Locatelli? Gosens? Pessina? In the Juve chest are missing the doubloons. Calendar with coating: the brain has produced yet another antiJuve wonder. Allegri awaited by an improbable job


So: Locatelli. then? Locatelli. What next? Always Locatelli. maybe. Why is it? Because Arsenal offered 40 million. But Locatelli, don’t you want Juventus? He wants it but Sassuolo wants the “crana”.  Right away. So what? And so they have not yet “spoken”: not even a phone call, a pec, a telegram, a smoke signal. Maybe instead they met in secret. Impossible, Gianluca di Marzio would have discovered it.

therefore? So there are no doubloons in the chest. If there were any, with Locatelli, Juventus would have already taken Gosens and Pessina.  And then this is Juve where some players govern themselves. They are “independent republics”: detached from the Empire.  Like Ronaldo. Like Dybala. Like Arthur, who will have to go under the knife.

Season that was delivered to the pueblo by Dazan on certification of the League. There is a first leg. The return one was built “ad minchiam”: even if their-gentlemen call it “smearing” .

My opinion on the “smearing” of the League is similar to what the accountant Fantozzi Ugo had of the famous “Soviet battleship”. But the brainy brain (which is not “set”, manipulated, and which is of neutral sex) has produced yet another antiJuve wonder: the last day away in Florence. Do you know who uncorked champagne for the “coating”? Punters. And of course the agencies” that the bets regulate.

As long as covid grants respite. To the bloodless coffers of the companies calling for the return of the public. And also to the Federation. Do you know what a mess (with the asymmetric return) if then the asl of Don Aurelio were to get back to work? The system (smeared) may implode. For lack of dates. One they are looking for one for a useless Argentina – Italy named after Diego Armando : to which not even in the tomb they stop breaking the zebedees.

While Lotito now has six months to sell the Salernitana (but if he does not sell it I really want to see the Federation that exclude it from the championship) the controversy has flared up for the open coach that brought the Azzurri to Rome after the European triumph. Prefect on the war footing. And that’s fine: if every day you shred the maroni explaining that or “coviddi” (as the one there said) can still do immense damage, there is that the prefect of Rome raises his voice. Especially if they pulled a package .


But to blame Bonucci and Chiellini (slamming them on the front page) is very little “cool”. gorge? They must have done everything “without his knowledge”: as usual.

Gravina launched (with the current Italian stadiums?)  the proposal of the European 2028 and the 2030 World Cup.  A testimony that the proximity to Ceferin is deleterious. For everyone in general. For Gravina more.

In any case, getting off the “bus” as it was once said, which showed the Cup to all of Rome, Juventus gathered at the Continassa. Max Allegri is back to applause. Which is awaited by an improbable work. Because, as they say in my Lagoon: “sensa bezzi, l’orbo no’ canta”. You can be the best in the world, but if in midfield you find yourself with the pizzardone, the Welsh subscriber to the infirmary and the crazy horse French, you have little to squeeze.

But Allegri is lucky enough to be able to count on Chiesa, Morata, Bentancur, Bonucci and Chiellini, Dybala, Ronaldo (can you count on it?) and as I see it on Federico Bernardeschi. Who married (congratulations) as Verratti (ditto). And that will make, in my opinion (since he will not be employed with Allegri as a warehouseman) a great championship. Often critics do not understand a sledgehammer. Otherwise Chiellini would not have been excluded from the top 11 of the European Championship.  I accept bets on Bern.


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