Logan Paul and the 3.5 million dollars spent on fake Pokemon cards: the refund is triggered

The fake Pokemon Cards purchased by Logan Paul scam continues to hold its own on the net. Following the latest video recorded by the youtuber, the dealer of rare Pokemon Cards which turned out to be “simple” GI Joe’s cards explains that he has already reimbursed Logan Paul of the 3.5 million dollars spent.

The collector Shyne from which Paul turned to buy the 11 packs of rare Pokemon cards for 3.5 million dollars in December of last year, in fact, he claims to have already taken steps to return the entire amount spent to the youtuber, actor and American boxer. But that is not all.

With a series of messages shared through her official social profiles, Shyne specified that she had mandated her lawyers to contact the previous dealers of rare Pokemon Cards from which she purchased the scam packs, i.e. private collectors. Meelyops And Card Kahuna, to receive in turn the large sums of money invested.

In a subsequent post on Instagram, Shyne points out how “I repaid Logan his 3.5 million dollars, now there is nothing left to do but wait to see if the whole process of verifying and returning the money I invested will be completed in a few days or if the thing It will take a long time. I’m happy to see how both my lawyers and Meelyops have already found a first agreement to guarantee the sums invested, while we continue to work to recover the rest of the money I invested by purchasing the packs of Pokemon Cards. by card Kahuna “.

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