Logan Paul cheated: Spends $ 3.5 million on Pokémon cards, but they are fake

Born in 1995, Logan Paul an eccentric character to say the least. The youtuber and, for some years, American boxer has recently captured the attention of the public with his latest purchase, a package containing several sachets of Pokmon cards from the very first edition of the TCG. The card game dedicated to the popular Nintendo franchise is in fact one of Paul’s great passions: just think that, on the occasion of the meeting with Floyd Mayweather Jr., the boxer had exhibited a very rare Charizard card worth 150,000 dollars.

For his latest record purchase Logan Paul spent the beauty of 3.5 million dollars, but there was a ‘little’ unexpected: all the cards contained in the packs are false.

Millionaire purchase of Pokmon cards, but they were GI Joe’s cards

As told on Twitter by the victim of the scam, the youtuber had already ended up on the front pages of blogs and newspapers after sharing the news of his latest purchase: a box containing well 11 ‘booster pack’ of the first edition of the Pokmon Trading Card Game. At the time of purchase, Logan Paul himself had confirmed the authenticity of the sealed packets, but he still had to unbox him to share with his fans.

The problems started when some of Paul’s followers they questioned the authenticity of the booster packs: the most experts have in fact noticed that the box containing the very rare packages did not resemble the packages used for the distribution of the original sets. On top of that, the person who sold the very rare cards would have changed the story at least three times about how he got hold of these memorabilia, which further questions the validity of the product.

logan paul carte

Logan Paul then contacted the collector Matt Allen, who had bought the aforementioned box for 2.7 million dollars before reselling it to the youtuber for 3.5 million. The two fly to Chicago to meet the association of the Baseball Card Exchange (BBCE) and verify the authenticity of the cards in person, receiving the green light. Here comes the terrible discovery: when Paul opens the box he finds the counterfeit packages containing it of GI Joe’s collectible cards. the biggest scam in Pokmon Trading Card Game history.

“I’m a super positive person, bro, and I will always be the one who looks on the bright side. And I’m trying, but (at the moment) very difficult.”, a disappointed Logan Paul said.

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