LoL Briar’s Crazy Bug Makes Her Friends Attack Before Her Enemies

Published: 2023-09-22T01:16:11

Updated: 2023-09-22T01:16:26

A new Briar bug in League of Legends causes the Noxian vampire to attack both friends and enemies, which could cause her win rate to be lower than usual.

The new League of Legends champion has found himself in a rather strange situation. Briar the Noxian Vampire was released with pretty abysmal win rates, with many blaming her uncontrollable frenzy mechanic as one of the main reasons.

Briar’s W makes her berserk, meaning the player loses all control of the champion as she chases and brutally attacks nearby enemies. The only way players can regain control is by dying, waiting for the timer to expire, or casting their E ability. This loss of agency and inexperience with the champion can often lead to players simply wearing them down and resulting in kills.

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Despite all of this, the developers have claimed that the champion’s win rate is actually much higher than many perceive, and the champion has begun to slowly rise from there. However, this may soon stop due to a rather nasty bug that causes Briar to forget who his friends are.

The wattle bug causes her to brutally attack her teammates.

Bug Catcher Vandiril has returned to reveal a Briar bug that causes her to constantly attack her allies for some reason. As shown in the clip, Briar attacks the Aatrox and flies towards them, but instead of going crazy and attacking the Aatrox, she begins defeating her ally Renekton.

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This continues when he begins attacking his friendly Ezreal, and then his Seraphine, who joins the fight shortly after. He even goes so far as to kill her friend Seraphine, which gives him the credit for the kill, but not the gold.

What’s even worse about this bug is that Briar has no way to avoid doing it, as her ultimate puts them into a frenzy indefinitely until she casts her E.

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A bug like this will likely be fixed at some point in the near future, especially now that many players are trying out Briar. Until then, maybe just be a little careful with your ultimate.

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