LoL Players Attack ‘Dead’ Nexus Blitz Mode Just Weeks After Returning From 3-Year Hiatus

Liam Ho

League of Legends players criticized the Nexus Blitz mode just weeks after its return, claiming that queues for the mode are “dead.”

Nexus Blitz has finally returned to the League of Legends player base. The limited time mode has been revived to help celebrate the 2023 World Finals, giving players a sweet taste of its arcade goodness. Since the game mode was shelved in 2020, players have wanted to see it return to the MOBA for quite some time.

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The mode features a less traditional League of Legends format, with 2 jungles and 3 lanes. In addition to this, the chaos is briefly broken with mini-games that grant the winning team various buffs such as Elder Dragon Soul, a champion cannon, and more.

However, it seems that the love for Nexus Blitz may have been nothing more than rose-colored glasses, as players have begun to dislike the mode for its randomness.

LoL Players Label Nexus Blitz “Dead Mode” Thanks to Randomness

Players have been left out of Nexus Blitz, claiming it as a “dead mode.” This is due to the increased queue times the mode has faced, which has been harshly compared to other popular modes like URF and Arena.

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“3 to 4 minute timers. None of my friends are interested in it. rank enjoyers or aram spammers. They both found it boring after 4 or 5 games and were excited about it and said we need it back. URF/Arena had instant queues from the day it came out until the end,” the post said.

Other users tended to agree with them, pointing out that the mode is too “snowball” for their taste, or that the randomness of events ruins the mode.

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“It’s too much of a snowball and the events are annoyingly random in who they favor.” commented one user.

“The mode would be nice if events didn’t randomly gift a team a win half the time,” another agreed.

With the possible permanent return of fan-favorite Arena, it may be unlikely that we will see the return of Nexus Blitz anytime soon, possibly signaling the end of a once-loved mode.

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