Lombardy, the medical course starts in the state to specialize in zero kilometer primary care-

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The project: twenty open positions, three years of lessons. Territorial health, 208 million in funds from the Region for the construction of community homes and hospitals

A new specialization course in community medicine and primary care. Twenty places on call, three years to learn how to take care of patients at zero kilometer in community homes and hospitals. The project starts from the Milan State University, but will also involve the other Lombard universities which include the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. We are working with the government, I talked about it with the minister Maria Cristina Messa explained in recent days the vice president of the Region, Letizia Moratti, within the talk Public and private Health: how to start again organized by Rcs Academy. Those enrolled in the course will have a different training from that of family doctors, said the commissioner.

Gian Vincenzo Zuccotti, dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the State, explains the reason for the initiative. Since the health care reform provides for the establishment of community homes and hospitals, it seemed appropriate that Lombardy also have this specialty, so as to train the professionals who will work there. There are only six community medicine chairs in Italy. The longest-running one in Modena, activated in 2000/2001. Those who attend the school acquire theoretical, scientific and professional knowledge in the fields of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of acute and chronic diseases with particular reference to the context of the Primary Care network.

This is a different path from that designed for family doctors. In fact, the basic doctors, after graduation, follow a non-university three-year period, managed by Polis Lombardia on behalf of the Region. At the last round, 832 scholarships were made available for 539 candidates across the region. The process for becoming a community doctor will instead be the same as for other specialties, such as Cardiology, Pediatrics or Surgery. After six years of university, young people will have to face a competition and will be able to apply for the new specialization school.

Zuccotti imagines that the course at the State University can start as early as next academic year. We hope to have a definite answer from the ministry by July, so that recent graduates can consider the new possibility. And he sees it as an opportunity to relaunch a career in primary care. Let’s start with twenty seats, then we’ll see if the requests grow.

The Lombard plan to enhance territorial assistance also includes the construction of houses (218 promised ones) and community hospitals (71 structures). The Lombard junta has just posted 208 million euros on the plate for the interventions envisaged in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan in the chapter Proximity networks, intermediate structures and telemedicine for territorial health care. The fund is added to the 455 million assigned to Palazzo Lombardia by the Ministry of Health. In this way – summarizes the vice president Moratti – we intend to strengthen the services provided in the area.

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