Look no further, the ideal DT for the Tri according to Hugo Sánchez

Hugo Sanchez
Hugo Sanchez

After the failure that the Mexican team experienced in 2022, the Mexican Football Federation continues to search for a new technical director who does not commit the same catastrophe that Gerardo Martino did in the Qatar World Cup.

The list of candidates to reach the tricolor bench is quite wide, from world top coaches to locally trained coaches, but little by little realistic options are being discarded as to who can really make it to the bench.

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One of the most authoritative voices within Mexican soccer is that of Hugo Sanchez, who always sees the sporting interests of the Mexican team and who already gives first-hand advice to the Mexican Soccer Federation about the ideal DT for Mexico.

Hugo Sánchez breaks the silence.

For Hugo Sánchez, the main characteristic that the DT of Mexico must have is it has to be mexican and currently there is only one option that meets this requirement and that is Miguel Herrera, who also mentioned having an advantage over Almada for not being a foreigner, so Herrera would have the full support of the greatest of all time in Mexican soccer.

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