look tall | Goodbye to heels: Jennifer Lopez and other models’ tricks to looking taller and slimmer

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Goodbye to heels: Jennifer Lopez and other models’ tricks to looking taller and slimmerAdvertisement

Can You Increase Centimeters With Short Style Strategies? It seems. Stylists suggest tricks that visually lengthen the figure, making us appear taller and slimmer. And while it’s true that petite women are attractive, they can also adopt them to fit their image. Let’s meet them.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable ankles and aching feet: These aren’t the only ways to gain inches. Imaging experts know this very well. You can play a lot with makeup, clothes and hairstyles to improve your figure. And if we want to lose weight to look slimmer or taller, that’s what they suggest.

Can getting a haircut add inches and create an optical slimming effect? Yes, and stars of short stature confirm this by baring their necks and showing their hair. The length of the hair should not exceed the shoulders as the pressure exerts downward force. In contrast, the short cut moves the focus upwards and creates an optical elongation effect. The secret is to play with volume, reserving it for the top of the head.

One of the most popular options is undoubtedly the bob, a trendy cut that, in its short version, leaves the neck open and touches the jawline. The bob is extremely versatile and can be adapted according to hair structure and face shape. Among the elegant cuts, the pixie cut stands out, which fully reveals the neck and concentrates the volume on the top of the head. This is a cut that not all women like because of its masculine appearance, but it is a solution that fights with character.

And if you can’t do without long hair, it’s best to choose a ponytail. High ponytails also give a flattering look to women who are no longer very young and pull the skin of the face upwards, thereby reducing wrinkles. The same effect is achieved with a high bun, which gathers the hair at the top of the head. Choose from a Jennifer Lopez-style updo or softer, slightly tousled versions.

How to choose bootcut jeans?

Why that? If we ask ourselves this question, the answer is yes, in fact they are not the only tall models out there but they are extremely fashionable. Shorter women should avoid overly baggy or cropped jeans and opt for straight-cut styles for a taller effect. And the bootcut jeans, which are very comfortable and slim fit, look great. They are made of flexible fabric and hold the shape at the hips, slightly open at the bottom, with a barely noticeable flare effect. They are back in fashion again and make the figure stylish by visually lengthening the legs.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable heels, go monochrome

Another strategy that takes advantage of the optical effect is the choice of a single color from head to toe, as fashion dictates. Actually, it is the latest trend of this season. Patterns, squares and horizontal stripes shorten the figure and add volume to it. On the other hand, a monocolor look is not only extremely sophisticated but also slim and tall. But if we want to break the monotony, we can play with different shades of the same color and the effect will be guaranteed. In any case, never put together contrasting tones that break the vertical flow of color continuity.


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